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Chlorine: The Chemical In Your Water That’s Making You Fat


Obesogens are foreign chemicals that disrupt normal development and balance of lipid metabolism, which can lead to obesity. They have an estrogen-like effect on the body, and can be responsible for this sudden weight gain that you have recently noticed.

The chemical in the water fattening

Chlorine, the chemical being added to the public water supply, is one of the main culprits of weight gain. You may think you’re safe from it by drinking bottled water, but chlorine is present in the water swimming and bathe every day.

How to gain weight chlorine cause?

chlorinated drinking water will interrupt your iodine levels and thyroid function, causing problems such as weight gain and hormonal imbalance. The dechlorination of the environment is almost impossible, but should take into account what adversely affects cardiovascular health and how it increases the risk of bladder cancer. The greatest irony lies in the fact that even though it is toxic, antibacterial properties of chlorine are essential to water sources, so it is vital for drinking water.

However, it is constantly exposed to chlorine is unhealthy, so you need to learn how to remove water.

shower spray to filter the tub, there are different ways you can remove chlorine from the water. Installing a water filter whole house will prevent chlorine and other toxic substances in water, keeping them safe from different bacteria. Once the filter installed, it will start to lose weight and feel much better soon result.

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