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Chinese Face Map Reveals What Part Of Your Body Is Sick And How To Fight It

long, healers in China find ways to analyze and recognize a wide range disease by reviewing the faces. The facial skin is exceptionally delicate and can reflect internal changes faster in contrast to other parts of the body.

According to this Chinese strategy every region of our face is connected to specific organs lifestyle.


Whenever we experience any imbalance, manifested in our face. Eruptions, grains, and changes in skin color are some of the most common symptoms

To learn more how you can use this ancient technique and treatment of numerous health problems

Front: .. the bladder and small intestine

Cause: excessive consumption of canned foods and fats resulting in slow digestion. In addition, this condition is caused by stress, sugar and excess alcohol

Cura :. Try to avoid alcohol and try to improve your night’s sleep. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water and eating raw


Among the eyebrows :. Liver

Cause: Her stomach no rest is required, which leads to chronic fatigue. Excessive consumption of meat causes stomach work too. In addition, this could be a sign that you are allergic to certain foods

Cura :. It is very important to eat fresh, healthy food. Try yoga, meditation, brisk walking or other exercise. Also, be sure to spend more time in the fresh air

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eyebrow arch :. Kidneys

Cause: Bad circulation cigarettes, alcohol, heart weakened, and smoking

Cura :. Reduce caffeine intake, avoid alcohol and sugary drinks, and be sure to drink plenty of water

Nose: heart

Cause: Poor circulation, swelling abdominal pain, gas, confined space, and polluted air. Hypertension can also be the cause of many problems in this facial area

Cura :. Check your cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. You need to drink organic green tea so you can eliminate toxins from the body. Also, be sure to exercise regularly

upper cheeks :. Lungs

Cause: Pollution, asthma and smoking. In addition, dark circles around the eyes

may appear

Cura :. Do not expose yourself to cigarette smoke or air pollution. If you are a smoker, you need to quit smoking as soon as possible. Be sure to do some exercises

Cheeks :. The lungs and kidneys

Cause :. Excessive consumption of sugar, unhealthy food, stress and smoking

cure: eliminate unhealthy food from your diet and you buy the cosmetic products of high quality

mouth and chin :. stomach

Cause: the food is full of fat, sugar and stimulants like alcohol and caffeine. Spicy foods can also have a big influence in this area. Imbalance can also be caused by stress and stay to the end of the night

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Cura :. Eating fruits and foods that can balance your body. And if this does not help and you still have problems, you should consult your physician

jaw and neck :. Hormones

Cause: Drinking water is not enough, excessive salt intake and seasonal food. In addition, excessive intake of caffeine can cause problems

Cura :. Reduce intake of caffeine, salt and seasoning food. Be sure to drink plenty of water daily

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