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Chewing Gum: It May Freshen Your Breath, But It’s Detrimental To Your Gut

After a meal, trying to reach gum often comes to mind. It seems harmless and nobody wants to have bad breath, so no harm, no foul, right? Apart from the food piece after the rubber, many people use gum habit, if they relax or relieve stress, or because they simply enjoy it and so have since he began his love affair with the rubber. But what if we told you that the mint (or sometimes fruity) gum were killing their intestinal health? Do not stop here if you’re a lover of the gums because you might want to put that habit to the curb after reading this …. especially once you realize that these are not just strange coincidences.

Gum does not pose an obstacle hinder your food cravings, which only improves They

You may think that your gum to keep your hunger cravings at bay, but in reality, this only proves to make you hungrier. And not only does its increased hunger, but you can start to feel cravings for those foods that should be avoided altogether, especially junk food. In a recent study, it was found that regular gum chewers were tested to eat fewer fruits and vegetables at meals, because the taste of mint-flavored gums gave fruits and vegetables taste bitter.

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Bubble Gum Invites painful digestive problems

Every time you chew, this makes swallowing excess air. These air pockets then lead to pain and bloating, which ultimately is uncomfortable and makes you burp to get relief. Chewing gum is an unnatural act for our body, because the only other times we use our mouth to chew is when we are eating. Once you start chewing, stomach signals that there are foods that will soon have to be digested body. Then, like chewing persists, enzymes and acids that are activated they are confused when no food entering to decompose. This excess production of stomach acid can create serious problems when actually eat food, because the balance is out of whack and cause indigestion.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be caused by Chewing excessive Gum

IBS is a gastrointestinal disorder that causes severe cramps, abdominal pain, and irregularities in depositions. “Chewing gum can contribute to IBS, as excess air can be swallowed, which contributes to pain and bloating,” says Patrick Takahashi, MD , chief of gastroenterology Medical Center San Vicente, Los Angeles, California.

Most chewing gums without sugar, even contain artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are toxic to your digestive health, and your body can develop a reaction gastrointestinal adverse to these dangerous chemicals. Artificial sweeteners like Splenda cause damage to your body by distorting their biochemistry of stimulate appetite . Do yourself a favor and get rid of mint chewing gum for occasional, because you do not need to wreak havoc on your intestinal health when it is trying to freshen breath.

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