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Charity boss said EVERY man should be aware of the ‘threat of prostate cancer’

The figures released this year for Prostate Cancer UK said about one-fifth men do not know they even have a prostate.

also found a huge 92 percent of men have no idea what the sex gland hidden from them, and 54 percent do not know where it is on your body.

Ben Stiller, who is 50, said he discovered he had the disease after undergoing a blood test and scans in June 2014.

Angela Culhane, executive director of prostate UK cancer said: “There are more than 300,000 men in the UK, which, like Ben Stiller, are living with or after prostate cancer

. ” However, despite the numbers it is a disease that, due to their nature, often swept under the carpet.

“We applaud Ben for his courage in speaking openly about his personal experience.

” the disease kills one man every hour in the UK, but if detected early, it can more not often be successfully treated, so that consciousness as this is so important.

“It is crucial for all men to recognize the threat that prostate cancer may represent for your life.

” Some men in particular a higher risk they face average and so if you are over 50, black, or have a family history of prostate cancer, it is important that you can talk to your doctor about the disease. “

Ben Stiller he admitted he was “scared” after being given the news during an interview with broadcaster US radio Howard Stern.

said the diagnosis was identified by the. blue

the prostate is generally the size and shape of a walnut and becomes larger as men age

is located below the bladder and surrounds the urethra -. the men of tube urinate and ejaculate . through Its main function it is to help the semen -. The fluid that carries sperm

DJ Chris Evans has also revealed that he is still haunted by the shock of prostate cancer he suffered two years ago

The star, who it is also 50, he told his Radio 2 Breakfast Show audience was having an endoscopy next week and was worried about what could find.

he had polyps removed two years ago after they were discovered during a routine test.

But despite her fears, Evans urged his millions of listeners to have the same check because it is the best way to beat the murderer.

Speaking in air, said: “I went for my test a couple of years ago and found some small parts and details – not too serious, but they were there

.” and we all know that cancer needs a chandelier to hang itself and that’s the polyp. And once polyps think it’s just bad news -. Well, not only [bad news] but increases the likelihood of bad news following “

Anyone with any concerns you can talk to specialist nurses prostate cancer in the UK on 0800 084 8383 or visit prostatecanceruk.org.

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