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Causes Of Gas In Chest Area: Home Remedies For Gas Pain In Chest

The causes of the accumulation of gas in the stomach

While gas pain in the chest can be felt, mainly due to the accumulation of gas in the abdominal region.
• gas is formed when bacteria in the colon ferment carbohydrates that are not digested in the gut gut
• high fiber and healthy foods often fall into these categories of foods that are difficult to digest
• fiber is known to be good for the system and is known to keep the digestive tract works by removing toxins, controlling cholesterol levels and blood sugar. However, the fiber also leads to gas formation.
• Foods rich in fiber can cause gas pains and gas are vegetables, fruits, dried beans and peas, whole grains and other
• supplements rich in fiber like psyllium can cause such problems
• Restoration Even carbonated like beer or soda can lead to the formation of gas
• the gas can be formed due to food intolerance
• the gas can form when one suffers from irritable bowel syndrome or ulcerative colitis
• when the excess air swallowed while eating
• Due to constipation, which can cause swelling


For many people the symptoms or the symptoms of gas pain are obvious:
• Voluntary or involuntary passage of gas
• Belching or gas flow
• Sharp pains in the abdominal area
• pointing with chest pains
• pain can occur in the abdomen and the location could change from one part of the abdomen to another
• tightness or swelling of the abdomen
• bloating
• lack of appetite

When gas pains are not serious, they are usually for a short period and passing through themselves. Sometimes, the symptoms of gas pain can be confused with heart disease, appendicitis, gallstones and other ailments. While it is normal to pass gas several times in one day, should not cause discomfort or pain in the abdomen that may be unusual and concern.

home remedies for gas in the chest

1. Lie down
When you have gas pain in the chest and causes discomfort is necessary: ​​
• Lie down with your head elevated
• Rest in this position for a some time to reduce discomfort

2. Drink plenty of fluids
Often the gas accumulation due to poor digestion.
• If liquids are taken in abundance, which helps move undigested food along
• The food rich in fiber, which usually causes the accumulation of gas digestion it is aided by the increased fluid intake
• increased fluid intake reduces constipation and allows the gas to pass out of the system

3. Stay away from carbonated drinks
When you have gas, it is necessary to avoid carbonated drinks.
• Carbonated beverages are added to gas formation and increases the discomfort
• The chest pain due to passing the gas will increase due to the intake of these beverages
• drinks carbonated tend to have empty calories and therefore, one is the addition of sugar unnecessary system

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4. Positions gas relieving chest
• You can kneel on the bed with her buttocks in the air and head down. That is a position that favors excess gas to pass out of the system
• You could lie down and press their both legs against her stomach. At the same time, while breathing, one should try to force air out as a gas passage.
• In doing so, make sure it is only
• When trying to get the air out of your abdomen to ensure that the stomach is empty

5. Positions in bed
There are some positions that doctors recommend while lying helping to prevent the gas accumulates in the chest or abdomen. These positions may be simple but are effective in helping one to reduce your discomfort and be able to sleep at night if the gas is causing discomfort to accumulate.
• Lying on one of left side is said to work wonders.
• although it is a simple solution, it is recommended in many cases as when someone is facing a problem of gas during pregnancy or when someone has undergone a colonoscopy.

6. Common ingredient
• There are many common ingredients used in Asian cuisines that are useful to eliminate flatulence as mustard
• Mustard is often added when cooking dishes different and that prevents gas build up
• Indian spices like cardamom, cumin and turmeric is beneficial to help digestion properties are known. You could use these spices to prepare light curry reduce swelling or accumulation of gas in the stomach.

7. Hot Drinking fluids
• It is said that fluid intake reduces the accumulation of gas in the abdominal region
• If you drink or use hot water or hot drinks like tea, which helps move gas along the digestive tract and release naturally.

8. Position on the floor
There are certain positions that can be taken or exercises that can be done in order to release gas from the stomach or reduce their accumulation.
• A position that is beneficial is lying on the floor on his back. While you breathe, the left foot rises slowly toward the chest.
• The foot needs to be sustained in the chest with his hands for ten seconds.
• At that time breathing must be retained
• feet should be released while exhaling
• the same steps must be repeated with the other foot
it is that the gas is passed when these movements are carried out along with coordinated breathing.


9. fruits to eat
• There are certain fruits that heat the system and prevent the formation of gas.
• The consumption of papaya is an example that will help reduce swelling

10. Different types of tea that can be consumed
• The tea like peppermint tea chamomile tea offers relief
• Ginger or are also beneficial
• Tea anti flatulent herb is what prevents the accumulation of gas in the stomach properties

11. Get moving
• Often, lack of exercise causes poor digestion for which gas accumulation occurs.
• Go for a walk or simply increasing physical activity itself provide relief

12. Exercises lie
There are some exercises you can do while lying in bed:
• cycling in the air putting one of your legs up in the air and pretending cycle
• scissors like movements with both legs in the air
• yoga positions also help eliminate flatulence and bloating

13. The capsules of charcoal
• If you have capsules charcoal at home that will help reduce swelling
• Excess gas and impurities are removed from the system by these supplements.

14. Sodium Bicarbonate
• You could try to have a hot cup of water with baking soda added to it. It helps reduce flatulence.

15. Ginger in different ways
One of the known ingredient that is known for its curing properties is ginger. It can provide relief in different ways.
• It can be consumed in small pieces
• You could put in your tea
• Consume ginger tablets

16. Try to sit ups
• doing crunches will certainly get gas movement and forces it out of your system.
• Such exercises are good for the stomach and legs. Therefore, it will not only be toning the abdominal muscles as well as the legs, is releasing the gas and obtaining relief from flatulence.

17. apple cider vinegar
• A useful home remedy is to consume two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.
• will aid in digestion and reduce discomfort caused by flatulence.

18. Avoid dairy foods
• If you are receiving the bloating often, it could be a sign of food intolerance.
• Many people are unaware of their intolerance to gluten or dairy foods.
• Understand what foods are causing bloating in your body and avoid eating them.
gas is suffering from chest often? One of the above home remedies will surely provide relief. Are you looking for a safe and effective cure for flatulence? You can find many remedies here.

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