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Cat Whiskers as Natural Remedy for Gout

Our modern society has always been overshadowed by health problems, one of them is gout. Now drop not only affects the elderly, but the patient can be found in a variety of age ranges. In fact, these diseases can be treated with the use of medicinal plants for gout. The type of plant used here is a form of natural treatments to prevent and treat disorders of the disease. Options natural medicine for gout that can be used by many people and is “whisker” .
Before treating this disease be useful to know what was gout. Gout is the result of removing blood circulation, and is the end product of purine decomposition. The uric acid builds up, causing the formation of needle-shaped crystals in the joint cavity.
If you suffer from gout, do not worry because the disease can be cured, but treatment must be done carefully otherwise it will be higher recurrence of symptoms that are experiencing . Often they feel symptoms include tingling and pain in the joints, especially at a time in the morning and evening.
By consuming cat whiskers plant, expected to cure gout subjects. The main efficacy of the plant cat whiskers is the ability to destroy kidney stones. salt content of potassium in the plant is able to dissolve kidney stones, therefore, this plant is widely used as natural medicines for gout .
Cat Whiskers as Natural Remedy for Gout
So deposition of crystals in the joint cavity may be dissolved in urine. In addition, this plant contains cat whiskers sinensetin as an anti-bacterial agent. With the substances contained in the cat’s whiskers, this plant is perfectly suited to help the body get rid of excess uric acid in the urine.
How to process cat’s whiskers natural remedy is boiling drop the cat whiskers with ground mustard, cardamom and ginger. Drinking decoction twice daily. After taking a natural remedy, we must also maintain our lifestyle to be healthier.

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To prevent the immediate risk of gout, begin by applying better lifestyle, such as regular exercise and diet. Maintaining a diet is the most important thing to do, to avoid excessive accumulation of purines can cause gout.
You should consume more food and water high in fiber, like fruits and vegetables, except for certain fruits that have a fairly high gas content as durian and watermelon. Red meat is a source of protein should be reduced. Guts and shellfish that contain too much protein will also result in the production of substances of excessive purine, thus accelerating the occurrence of gout.
By keeping healthy and diligent in taking a life “natural remedy for gout” , your health will gradually improve.

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