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Castor Oil Cure for Twenty Five Diseases: Allergies go as if by Magic!


Castor Oil Cure for twenty five diseases: Allergies go as if by magic



Castor oil is not yet such a popular drug that is very cheap and deserves to be popularized among people. Castor oil is very beneficial and has many positive effects on health. castor oil treatments for diseases that are resistant to traditional therapies is recommended.

Castor oil can eliminate brown spots on the skin, reduce low back pain, and heal injured ankle and many others.

A famous doctor, William Grey described success in the treatment of variety of ailments castor oil:

-Allergies disappear if five drops of castor oil every morning is taken.
-Wounds, cuts and wounds heal faster when smeared one. castor oil
-Massaging belly with castor oil last two months of pregnancy prevents stretch marks
. – The wrist injury heals quickly if it is wrapped in a castor oil and leave it overnight.
It’s a significant reduction in hearing castor oil drip loss was observed in the ear.
-A cataract can be cured with dripping a drop of oil at bedtime every night.
No loss has been pilonidal cyst, using castor oil.
-brown stains can whiten a mixture of castor oil and baking soda.
-make it easy for severe allergies eye rubbing castor oil on the eyelids before bedtime.
-Reduce pain in the lower back using a castor oil once a week.
-make it easy for the application of chronic diarrhea that covers the stomach area.
-Daily applications covering the neck for three months can not remove nodules from his vocal cords and chronic hoarseness.
has been a complete disappearance of tinnitus taken orally 6-8 drops of castor oil daily for four weeks.
-Hyperactivity can be treated with castor oil in the stomach.
-Warts disappear after 4 weeks of castor oil lubrication.
-CALCIUM deposits on the sole disappear castor oil massage daily.
‘It was the disappearance of skin cancer after application of castor oil and baking soda.
-Snoring stops after an application two weeks of castor oil in the abdomen.
bites -bee heal quickly after application of castor oil.
-hair can boost growth castor oil massage daily for twenty minutes before shampooing.
He observed a rapid cure hepatitis use of castor oil.
-Nail fungus can eliminate the daily use of a coating on the diseased areas.
-Use alcoholism coating generally can be treated.
-Regular external application of oil can be removed by youth.
It’s an improvement was observed in health in the terminal phase of cancer using castor oil.

Castor oil

Castor oil is often used as compresses. You will need a castor oil squeezed cold, plastic sheeting, water bottle, a clean gauze. Before using castor oil, use baking soda as a cleaning solution. Heat castor oil, soak gauze on it and then put the pad in the problem area. Let him stay in that position for about 15 minutes. This treatment should be applied for 40 days and you will effectively get rid of the most troublesome health problems.

Original article healthandnaturalmedicine.com. Published with permission of the author.

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