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Cancerous Cell Phones: Where You Put Your Phone Matters


Keeps your cell phone near you so you can answer your calls or text again? If so, be sure to read this article.

Young people prefer to have their cell phones next to their pillow at night. Scientists believe that the constant need to be connected to the “world” kills people slowly.

Are cell phones safe?

Keep cell phones on the body is bad and threatening health, and this has never been a secret. Environmental Health Trust has the story of a woman explaining how cancer has possibly developed.

She had no risk factors for developing cancer and specialists Robert Nagourney and John West, both with cancer, he wondered what could have caused his multifocal breast cancer. After she admitted to keep your cell phone in the holder regularly, doctors could finally connect the dots.

The pattern of his cancer and the way cancer cells resembled the shape of your cell phone were distributed.

There is still no scientific prove that cell phones cause most cancers, but the number of evidence suggesting this possibility is increasing.

The life-threatening risk of using a cell phone

Experts explain that cell phones emit radio frequency electromagnetic fields, and the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer says this is “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

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Keep your phone no less than 6 inches. At any point of this it is dangerous. When cell phones are emitting radiation.

safety distances helps prevent cancer because the whole body is at high risk when held close to your phone, and of course, some body parts are more sensitive to radiation when compared with other .

put your cell phone

A 2009 study suggests that men who keep their phone in bone density experience lower belt on the same side of the pelvis keep their mobile phone.

In the same year, Dr. Siegal Sadetzki conducted a study suggesting that mobile phones increase the risk of developing tumors of the parotid gland. His research confirms that there is a much higher risk of developing cancer in the side of the head where you have your cell phone.

If you have used a cell phone for 5 years, your chances of developing cancer of the parotid increased by 34%, and if you have had 5,500 calls your chances are 58%. If you have used your phone more than 266.3 hours, your risk increases by 49%.

Increased risk in children

According to Professor Lennart Hardell, people who have regularly used a cell phone in adolescence have a 4-5 times higher risk of developing brain cancer.

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This is because the skull in children and adolescents is not fully developed, and radiation travels to the brain easily, which is not the case in adults.

Therefore, by not allowing your child to have a cell phone, you are actually doing you a favor.

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