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Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days! THIS Famous Austrian’s Juice Cured Over 45k People From Cancer & Other Incurable Diseases!


Note. “cancer treatment” treatment of Breuss Total cancer includes the complete “cancer diet” and complete

treatment of total cancer Breuss is a diet very stiff fruit, vegetables and herbs that a person takes in liquid form for 42 days. Because cancer cells look very different from normal cells metabolism, Breuss diet is designed to starve the cancer to death by not providing any solid food proteins cells. But diet does not harm normal cells.

Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days! THIS Famous Austrian’s Juice Cured Over 45k People From Cancer & Other Incurable Diseases


The book detailing the Breuss diet, Breuss cancer cure, has sold more than 900,000 copies, has translated into five languages, and claims to have carried more than 45,000 testimonies of patients cured. They are still actively using both the book and the diet.

The Breuss diet is based on fasting for 42 days, but the definition of “fast” used in the Breuss diet actually includes certain types of foods, such as fruits and vegetables, all taken in the form liquid. The theory is that cancer cells can only live in the protein of solid food. Therefore, if you drink more than vegetable juice and tea for 42 days the cancer cells die while normal cells continue to thrive.

Breuss juice vegetable juice, consisting of the root 55% red beet, 20% of carrot, 20% celery root, 3% of raw potato , 2% radishes … the potato is optional except for liver cancer where it plays an important part.

His book really talks about multiple diseases. (Note: this is a very simplified explanation, please read the book)

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If you look at the formula for juice Breuss, during fasting, you will realize that there is practically no glucose or other sugars in formula.

Since its diet was probably developed by trial and error, I find it curious that evolved to exclude fruit juices and contains almost zero glucose and other sugars.

diet works for a different reason than Breuss thought. It works because cancer cells are very inefficient to process glucose and other sugars and starves the formula literally to death cancer cells by depriving them of glucose and other sugars.

Normal cells can survive with much less glucose and other sugars, as they are much more efficient in processing these items. See my link below in relation to sugar.

supercharging THIS TREATMENT

Because no one is quite sure why the diet works, you may not want to supercharge your diet and just do it their way. It’s your call. However, there is no doubt that the ionized water would be very useful, and I could not do any harm, while on this diet. However, do not mix ionized water to the formula, I would use natural water for that. I would also not take ionized water an hour of tea (both one hour before and one hour after). As with all types of tea should taste slowly over time.

If you want to improve diet, green tea (filter to ensure that no particles) filtered and filtered Essiac tea is natural improvements to the Breuss diet. I mentioned green tea and tea Essiac because their diet seems to be low on agents of destruction of cancer cells and there is nothing wrong in killing cancer cells as they are weakened.

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Another very logical supplement that will not interfere with the Breuss treatment is Protocel. Protocel taken in very low doses and decreases the voltage of cancer cells, weakened by Breuss diet.

Immediately after leaving the Breuss treatment you should immediately take two or three of these products in order to quickly build nutrients lost during the diet:

  • Vibe Eniva (Vendor )
  • Blend Essense Health (Vendor)
  • Tahitian Noni Juice (Vendor)
  • Xango mangosteen (Vendor)
  • Juice young Bayas, from young Living (wolfberry or Goji juice) (Vendor)

These products must be acquired during the diet to ensure they are ready for the day after the end of the diet.

After fasting for 42 days if their cancer symptoms are not gone, go into a “stage III” or “Phase IV” alternative cancer treatment. See the home page for links to these items.


Due to fast 42 days, a massive amount of family support will be needed for anyone on this diet. It may be necessary for someone to call the person on this diet every hour or so. Because this diet starves to death cancer cells, it is absolutely critical that no additional foods are taken. This is a type of “all or nothing” diet. If you make a significant slip undoubtedly add green tea or tea Essiac filtered filtered or both. Protocel could also be considered.

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