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Can you really get rid of anxiety?

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Can you "cure" anxiety? (Image: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

While there are a lot of techniques that you can try to instantly calm the anxiety you feel during your moments of panic, what can you expect in the long term? Can you "cure" anxiety or overcome it completely?

We know that anxiety is much more complex than "worrying," and every person who goes through it has their own personal version of hell.

As much as the research indicates to us at this time, while some people may overcome anxiety, for many others it is more a case to accept it, handle it and work with you to find ways to reduce or relieve it.

Fighting with your own thoughts is never easy and even recognizing that your thinking patterns need to change is phenomenal. Many people prefer not to take a trip through their own mind and, instead, find it easier to try to eliminate what makes them anxious in the first place (if they can even identify it … anxiety sounds very funny).



Counselor Tasnima Kemali assures us that this is a completely natural and logical response, but that it is not so useful in the long term.

Tasnima tells us: "To" get rid of "anxiety, a typical behavioral response to shake the feeling of anxiety is to avoid dealing with the trigger, eg if you suffer from social anxiety, you may want to stay at home and avoid knowing new people (trigger).

‘This arises from your innate thought of survival, you are trying to protect yourself, however, it can prevent you from ever understanding why you think and feel this way.

"Avoiding situations is not sustainable or ideal for those of us who want to experience and enjoy life and not be paralyzed by the depths of anxiety."

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Tasmina has years of experience helping people overcome their anxiety (and you know, their professional qualifications) and, of course, recognizes that really reflecting on their anxious experiences can be daunting, but encourages anyone with anxiety to do that.

"I appreciate your anxiety because it exploded for a reason," she says. ‘Sometimes these reasons make no sense to you and can get out of control, but sit with anxiety in the moment and reflect on what you are thinking and feeling.

'This too shall pass. You can also seek professional help: that's what we're here for. "

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Robyn Henderson discovered that the medication helped relieve his anxiety at first, but like many people, he finally concluded that it would be better to use it as a short-term solution.

"I was in an SSRI called Citalopram for some years when I was more bad with GAD," he tells Metro.co.uk. Medication The medication completely eliminated the feeling of anxiety for a long time, which was incredible. However, there were side effects and, in the long term, I didn't want it to be the solution.

‘Once I stopped taking the medications, I was aware of the responsibility I had to take care of my own mental health. I increased my exercise (now five times a week) and tried CBT over the phone, which I found to work well, but it requires you to practice the techniques and identify where your useless thoughts come from. He gave me some good tools to help rationalize some of my useless thoughts. "

Amelia-Eve Warden, who was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) six years ago, has found some more natural techniques to help her control her anxiety over time.

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She says: ‘As morbid as it may seem, and as a victim, I don't think GAD can be cured. Instead, you must discover how to make anxiety something liveable without interrupting your life.

Anxiety My anxiety comes in waves and usually increases when the things that disturb me (known as triggers) are in full swing.

‘I have used medications prescribed by GPs, I have tried meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and many different mechanisms to deal with this disorder, something I have control, not control.


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‘I have discovered that CBD oil is the most productive and useful way to relieve my anxiety, especially in the morning. I put a few drops under my tongue every day and in 30 minutes my panic is completely relieved, and the London subway ride doesn't seem so scary. "

There are many things you can try to help control your anxiety, and they can lead to it finally dissolving from your life.

Meanwhile, however, it is better to recognize that you have it, address how it affects you and find small but meaningful ways to treat it. You are not doomed to fight with anxiety for the rest of your waking moments, but, equally, there is no way to prevent you from feeling rubbish again. That is why it is essential to have coping techniques.

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