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Can you name this vegetable?

is the harvest season, and a lot of discussion lately about Canadian Living headquarters has centered around the gardens. Our food web editor Daniela Payne , was kind enough to bring some of the spoils from their own garden, including this vegetable, cucumber lemon.

No lemon cucumbers sold in my grocery store, so I have to admit I was a little confused by the unknown plant. These cucumbers smooth taste, much like common varieties of cucumber, with some thorns on your skin. And, of course, they owe their name to their shape and color lemon. They can be eaten like any other cucumber salad-in, in cold soups or on their own. I ate mine sliced, with just a little salt and pepper so he could enjoy the new food.

As you get older, there are fewer things you have to try for the first time, but when you look for them, you may be surprised by the amount of new fruits and vegetables interesting to be tested. Trying a new plant is just one of the many benefits of eating fresh from the garden . It may be easier to find many varieties of vegetables in the form of seed of what is to find in the grocery store, so gardeners often get to treat a wide range of varieties.

Variety is key to health. So if you have a garden, try to change the vegetables with a friend, neighbor or co-worker this harvest season. It is possible that only the opportunity to try something new.

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