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Can You Lose Weight Just by Walking

There are many weight loss regimens that you can try, but what many do not know is that you can lose weight just walking . Well, not that you just walk from your room to your bathroom that will immediately shed fat. However, if you understand the basic concepts that are within a walking program, then you can set relevant goals that finally let your body lose weight even without having to actually spend long hours in the gym.

Can You Lose Weight Just by Walking

lose weight by just walking

can lose weight by just walking that is a fact, but that would have to know and understand more than that in order to really lose fat. In fact, the method or way of walking is important to try to lose weight. There are so many factors involved in a walk if you want to burn a good, if not even a large number of calories just by walking around the city for 30 minutes.

For lose weight quickly by just walking then would have to increase the duration and pace of your walks. Ideally, in order to obtain satisfactory results, which would have to walk at a pace of 3 to 4 miles per hour. A walk for about half an hour will net loss of 150 calories a day. In order to burn more, it would have to accelerate the speed of your walks, lengthen the distance, increase the duration, or do all three.

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Weight loss per foot does more than shed off the extra pounds as there are other health benefits that can be acquired from it. For example, you can lower blood pressure because walking widens the blood vessels which creates a reduction in pressure on the walls of the above vessels. Therefore, it is reducing the chances of breakage of arteries and veins. Ultimately, it can also help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Walking is also a great way to increase bone density. Therefore, if you are a patient suffering from osteoporosis and other related problems, then walking is a great way to treat these conditions. Besides strengthening bones, walking can also strengthen muscles.

to lose weight by just walking make sure you have the correct posture when you are walking around town. You can also try to walk in smaller but faster steps. It is recommended to walk about 2,000 steps per mile to lose weight at a faster rate.

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