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Can This Combined Dietary Supplement Fight Heart Disease?


By Natural Blaze

the combination of marine fish oil, cocoa extract and phytosterols in a dietary supplement could offer new hope in the fight against heart disease, a new study suggests.

(Curiously, phytosterols are similar to the equivalent plant cholesterol.)

In a collaborative study between Cardiff University scientists and manufacturers of nutritional supplements South Wales base, Cultech Ltd, examined the potential of combining the three ingredients as a means of preventing atherosclerosis or “bar” of the arteries.

Using a series of experimental cell-based models, the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE found the combination of the three ingredients helped inhibit key processes associated with progression of atherosclerosis.

Dr. Dipak Ramji School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, who co-authored the study, said: “A variety of active ingredients of foods have been shown to provide beneficial effects on disease. cardiovascular, though somewhat from their actions is known when taken in combination

“therefore, we set out to examine what happens when combined omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (found in oil marine fish), flavonoids (found in cocoa) and phytosterols.

“The study found, in cell-based models, the combination of the three ingredients could potentially help stop the progression of atherosclerosis. The challenge now is to take our findings and consider whether translate to humans.

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“ultimately, our common goal is to help people prevent the development of atherosclerosis, and this collaborative work opens new avenues for future research on the use of nutritional products in the prevention and treatment of disease. “

atherosclerosis is the leading cause of heart disease , killing approximately one person every 34 seconds and responsible for about a third of all deaths worldwide.

current therapies for atherosclerosis are not fully effective and there have been many recent disappointments on promising agents that have been identified through various drug discovery programs.

Dr. Michael Daryn, senior research scientist at Cultech Limited, added:

Dr. Ramji and his team have been instrumental in facilitating innovative research in this field and hope that the continued collaboration will lead to more successful projects in the future.

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