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Can Mindfulness Meditation Help Overcome OCD And Anxiety?


Mindfulness is not about us getting it different from the way we already are. It is an effective method for coping with anxiety disorders and OCD. Mindfulness can reverse the stress and fear of addressing the root controller to the OCD and anxiety. It is a process of paying attention to our body, thoughts and emotions in the present moment. Gradually normalizes the body and fear disappears, as anxiety and the result of problems with OCD are cured.

OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety can be addressed in various ways. Mindfulness meditation is a very effective way that can improve any method of your choice. Both conditions respond well to changes in positive lifestyle and meditation mindfulness certainly is a change of positive lifestyle.

mindfulness meditation and TOC are connected

The research that connects mindfulness meditation and anxiety / OCD is abundant. I would not know where to begin to refer to different studies, since there are so many that show positive results with anxiety and OCD using mindfulness meditation. Much of the research comes from the 8-week program based full attention of Jon Kabat-Zinn Stress Reduction (MBSR) developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. It is taught worldwide and is present in virtually all areas of health care. To date, there are over 2500 publishedworldwide studies. For those interested in research that would suggest doing a specific search of Internet.

Connecting factors mindfulness meditation and OCD

For those who are not inclined towards research and for the sake of brevity summarize the connection points OCD / anxiety, stress and Attention.

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How to process stress?

First, we have discovered in the world of stress that we are not processing stress as we should. The big news in the research is that the stress reaction (fight, flight or freeze) is not resolved in many situations. The result is acute stress twirling times over the years and become chronic stress. During the fight, flight or freeze there are many physical, mental and emotional changes that take place. Imagine if those changes hung for years and were pushed below the surface to keep out of the way. a number of issues

would be created

Fear:.? Need for survival

One of the characteristics of fight or flight is fear. The fear in the short term is a very positive response. Fight or Flight is our survival mechanism without fear would not be as effective to survive. The problem comes when the fight or flight is not resolved and fear becomes chronic that produces many iterations / expressions of itself over time. Anxiety and OCD are just iterations / expressions of fear that has not been resolved. Anxiety is widespread fear and OCD is behavior that is designed to create a sense of control. The need for control is driven by fear.

How to Care work works

So how attention to reverse chronic stress and fear thereby addressing the root driver for OCD and anxiety? When we entered our fight or flight main coping mechanism is our ability to disconnect from the present moment. It is very common to feel disconnected from our bodies, thoughts and emotions in this situation. In a short-term situation that works well. In a long-term situation, the phenomenon of being trapped in fear mode / fight or flight is perpetuated. It is as if the body senses that are disconnected because there is still danger and what keeps us in the fight or flight.

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mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the process of paying attention to our bodies, thoughts and emotions in the present moment. Actually connect to the same things that disconnected us fight or flight. At this point, it is as if the body senses that because we reconnection, danger and must not be present. The result is that the body’s nervous out of fear / fight or flight system moves. The system standardizes and fear gradually disappears. Fear, anxiety and powerful engine OCD is resolved and is no longer energize anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. It is at this point that many practitioners of mindfulness meditation discover the connection between fear, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. As the fear of being trapped in fight or flight decreases so does the anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

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