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By Pressing This Point on Your Belly, You Will Eliminate the Toxins from Your Colon Very Successfully!

Of course, all of us have found ourselves sitting on the toilet and effort while trying to finish a bowel movement. But most likely I not know that is not really a simple point that must be pressed to help you complete bowel movement.

Moreover, it is this point in your body and acupressure experts called the sea of ​​energy. First, you must measure three fingers below the navel.

However, before you start this, make sure it is near a toilet, for obvious reasons. Therefore, press the stern with three fingers and breathe deeply while doing this. You should not stop pressing until you feel the need to go to the bathroom. Note that lasts at least 10 seconds to 3 minutes maximum.


How does it work?

According to Michael Reed Gach Dr., a therapist acupressure, this button revives the body’s healing processes. In addition, a considerable part of the healing process is the elimination of waste.

In addition, previous research has confirmed that abdominal massage, just like pressing the button stern, contributes to unity in the body, so that the bowels begin to move and clean the house.

Dr. Gach also explains that in addition to trigger bowel movements, but this button also relieves rectal pain, digestive problems, gas and menstrual cramps.

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tips pooping experience!

– Squat

is a fact that the toilets in North America have a design flow important, thus requiring a sitting position. But when the body is in this position, it is misplaced. It is important to know that for optimal caca, the body must be in a squat.

– Eat more fiber

If you have persistent constipation, consume lots of fiber is vital to do. Some of the biggest sources of fiber include berries, beans, prunes and linseed. The fiber will make your stools to retain water, so it is much smoother.

– Relax

When sitting on the toilet for a couple of minutes, we all usually all pushing very hard. But doing what is bad.

Remember that hard drives can stress your body. Moreover, in some cases, it may result in explosion bowel or fatal cardiac arrhythmia, so be patient.

– remain active

adults is recommended

for at least 75 minutes of aerobic activity per week as exercise stimulates contraction intestinal muscles, which is crucial to eliminate waste effectively.

Source: losingweightdone.com

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