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Burn Your Fat With These Brilliant And Tasty FAT BURNING Recipes

There are foods you can eat that will actually help you lost weight quickly. Weight loss can be a mission and can be both a mission to keep the weight off. If you eat a lot of protein and fiber and healthy carbohydrates, you can increase metabolism, have energy for the whole day and get thin.


banana smoothies, hummus, turkey burgers, salads, chicken, peanut butter and toast avocado fill you up, increase your energy levels and immune system, have to eat less and stay in good shape.

The following recipes are quick and easy to make, besides being cheap:

  • banana and almond butter toast

get some rye bread and toast. Add the almond butter and sliced ​​banana. That’s.

Buy some yogurt greeting and note that not be the kind of low fat. Get some delicious fruit, or pick from the tree if you have. Add a little organic honey and you’re all set.

Add yogurt in a bowl and then layer slices of peaches, plums, nectarines, oranges or apples. Add a few nuts, if any, and maybe some muesli. Drizzle with honey, eat and enjoy.

This dish has a lot of protein and tons of fiber.

Boil two eggs. Get some green leafy vegetables and maybe a can of tuna in brine or water. Add a small baby potatoes, onions, tomatoes, carrots and egg, a little mayonnaise and you’re all set.

This gives all – fiber, protein, vitamins, nutrients and tons and tons of energy. If you want to be really good, replace the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt.

  • White bean hummus on toast
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When you need are some white beans, olive oil, chives and lemon, some garlic too. Grind the beans or mix them in a blender. Add a little olive oil, garlic and lemon to taste, chopped chives and a little salt and pepper.

This delicious dish can be eaten with rye bread, or you can dip carrots, tomatoes and celery in it. It is delicious and totally healthy.

Steam some broccoli. Crack three eggs, mix with a little milk and butter and pour into a bowl of tortilla. If you do not have a special tray, which is fine, use an ordinary frying pan eggs. Pour in the egg mixture, add steamed broccoli and drained into the center, some feta cheese on a little salt crumble, and make your omelet.

high in protein, energy, vitamin C and delicious to eat. Also substantial. With an omelet can be creative and add mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and all you really want. Serve with toasted rye or whole wheat.

  • bananas dipped in chocolate

This is so ridiculously simple and also help your sweet tooth or any sugar cravings. Cut a banana in half and roll into some melted chocolate black. Place in the freezer until firm, then eat. This can be done with strawberries and also makes an ideal appetizer. Try grapes, peaches and plums!

Avocado is really good for you and keep you all day, besides giving the fiber, nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need. Peel the avocado and remove the PIP. Add some salt and pepper and blend well. Now he guacamole. You can eat alone or with a few or dried crusty breads, carrots, tomatoes or even low-fat free wheat tortillas. Avocado toast is the best. If you do not want carbohydrates anything, then put some avocado on a piece of lettuce, wrapped around a package and eat. This figure is slightly Vietnamese and excellent.

  • Ham, pear and spinach sandwich
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Buy some fabulous and organic ham, pick some spinach from her garden and peel a pear. Take some whole wheat bread, add a little mustard or mayonnaise and then layer the ham, pear and spinach. It’s so tasty. You can add the tomatoes if you like and some lettuce. The beauty of a sandwich is that you can add whatever you want! If you do not eat ham, use some fresh turkey or pastrami or salami. Try whole grain mustard for that excellent contraction. Choose your bread, you can also use rye or whole wheat bread.

Note that if you do not want to eat the bread, make a salad. Add lettuce, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and fresh raw mushrooms extra treats.

If you eat well during the day and stick to natural foods, unprocessed foods, lean meats and lots of fiber and protein that will not only lose weight, but will keep your weight loss as well.

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