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Burn Bay Leaves In The House And See What Happens After 10 Minutes!

If ever stepped inside a yoga studio or a new age bookstore, you may have noticed that these places sometimes have a very particular smell.


This is because many of these places regularly practice the ink, a Native American tradition that uses the smoke of sacred herbs to purify a room smudging. This ritual is similar to the act of burning incense.

While the practice of smudging is commonly associated with sage, there are other herbs that can be used and more concrete benefits can be enjoyed.

Why Burn bay leaves

Bay leaves have been things of legends for millennia: if its undisputed role in Greek folklore and Roman or their constant presence in culture and Indian cuisine and the Caribbean, this herb has stood the test of time


However, bay leaves are not only used in food and stories, the grass is commonly used as a fragrance ingredient in creams, lotions, perfumes, soaps and detergents.

Benefits of herbs

Traditionally, the sheet is used as a sedative, analgesic, anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory, The herb also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and lowers blood pressure and heart rate. It is often used to help treat insomnia, chronic stress and to alter the mood.

As a culinary herb, bay leaf can help control blood glucose and cholesterol levels in people with diabetes and prevent kidney stones. Taken as a tea leaf, Bay can prevent the growth and spread of leukemia and induce apoptosis in other cancer cells.

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Using bay leaves

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from cooking with this herb to get these benefits, just be sure to remove the leaves before serving, as they can be a danger to fit.

However, if you feel stressed or are in a bad mood, simply burn a leaf or two on a baking sheet aluminum in your room or office and leave for ten minutes. Be sure to close the windows (a breeze could turn), hold the tray away from any flammable materials (such as paper, wood, or linen) and make sure it is not burning in the terms of a smoke detector.

When you come back inside, smoke grass will make your mind and muscles feel more relaxed and find it easier to focus on the task at hand. When finished, dispose of the ashes outside.

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