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Burger Kings Confirms The Rumors And Admits That They Are Using Horse Meat In The Burgers

The famous American global chain of fast food restaurants confirmed allegations that they are adding horse meat in their popular burgers. burger-king-e1469524673160-630x350

The fact is that there were witnesses who claimed that Burger King is doing this for years, but officials of this chain of restaurants has always denied the claims.

however, about a week ago, the company has issued an official announcement revealing that the tests that have been done in the past were not accurate and have apologized to the public for the misunderstanding.

Silvercrest is the company that produces and supplies meat for Burger Kind. This company is also cooperating with Tesco, Asda and Co-op. The shocking truth is that the ingredients used in their meat were banned for a year.

According to the announcement of Burger King, they have found that your Silvercrest provider is adding only a fraction of the meat that comes from Poland, which was not approved by the US authorities. The Polish company said they were delivering meat cutlets 100% Irish and British. Unfortunately, they were not completely honest.

Burger King has indicated that this is something that goes against regulation, norms and beliefs, and this is why they have ended their cooperation with this company.

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Again, they have highlighted the fact that Poland providers were the reason why the meat was produced and delivered by Silvercrest was contaminated.

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