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Budget Low Carb $25 Seven Day Meal Plan (Recipes), Three Meals Daily

Imagine you have money, or maybe they are. Maybe you paid all your bills this week and one is left with $ 50. All you have in the fridge is a bit of butter or a jar of bran bacon fat, a few packets of sauce left over soy from the restaurant Chinese and a little salt and pepper. Do you run out and grab a few pounds of rice and beans and some ramen or do their best to make yourself up a menu that fits your life style low carb? My hope for you is that you choose the latter option. I also hope this article helps you inspiring to see that the low cost low carbing possible.

said, this is a menu for one. It will make three meals a day for a week, based on the idea that half eaten dinner and save the other half for lunch the next day. The recipes could double, or could be shared as dinner only with a second person. Personally, I have found, as cooked and ate the food, which was more than I needed to satisfy my hunger. In fact, I bought and set aside individuals to have as snacks elements, and can not eat. access to a tree of dollar selling cooler /, the largest frozen food is also needed is the selection, the better. These are items that are sold in stores Dollar Tree near Birmingham, and sell similar items elsewhere.

Before we begin, I mean a couple of things.

chose dollar tree for a couple of reasons. Out of curiosity, because there are some items, interesting LC you can get there, and because sometimes when you’re broke, you do not have gas money to go to three or four stores to buy the items for sale there. That’s how I’ve been broke.

This is not a Paleo menu, is not an organic menu and is not a gourmet menu. There may even be some gluten somewhere. There are processed meats. Nothing is fresh. It is a menu designed to get someone through a week in a budget of $ 25. If you need certain things, like coffee, creamer, and sweetener, you can find those in the dollar tree, but the cream is not going to be free from sugar. They do not sell half n half, which is not ideal because of the milk, but no sugar. Therefore, if you have to have those things, throwing away extra three dollars.

The recipes are simple, easy to cook, and good taste.
Snacks are pork rinds, sunflower seeds, olives, pickles and shredded cheese.
You can do all this on Sunday if he wanted, and then pack them for the week.

Some of them will make the leftovers, it is not a huge amount, but I actually ate this exact food for a week and not go hungry. I do not even need snacks most days. It all depends on your appetite. There will also be some items that you have left in your pantry to turn on your menu next week. I do not care Foraging some, so just funsies, I went out and cut a handful of those wild onions that grow everywhere to add to some of the recipes for bulk and for some soft, onion flavor. I like, and were free. But nevertheless!

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My grocery shopping were as follows:

  • A bag of pork rinds
  • Two bags of frozen vegetable mix
  • A bag of frozen peppers and onions
  • A bag of frozen spinach
  • A package of frozen tilapia fillets
  • A piece of frozen breakfast sausage
  • A package of two frozen chicken legs
  • Two packs of 3 ounces shredded mozzarella cheese (Make sure it is real cheese, not the fake stuff)
  • One 3-ounce package shredded cheddar cheese (again, real)
  • A package of three strips of cheese
  • 3 and a half dozen egg cartons

A bottle of real mayonnaise
-A package of nuts
-A jar of pickles
-A can of mackerel
-A can of tuna
-A bag of shelled sunflower seeds
-A jar pizza sauce Rinaldi (read labels! Rinaldi has no added sugar.)
-A parmesan shaker (getting smaller, the large can is “product cheese “)
-A can of black olives
-a package of sliced ​​pepperoni


Breakfast first.
You want your breakfast sausage, a pack of six eggs and a cup of frozen mix pepper.
Brown the sausage and stir eggs with peppers, stir it all together and keep it in a container. Dip some out every morning and warm for breakfast. Easy.



Below: Tuna salad

Take your tuna, add 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, add a little butchering pickles, pack nuts, salt and pepper. Boil two eggs.


Cook, about two cups vegetable mix of choice (these are variable, depending on your selection) I used the mixture of California because it was the only combined broccoli / cauliflower they had, then I picked carrots. Put half the tuna, egg and half the vegetables for dinner, and pack the other half for tomorrow.



Spinach Florentine


Preheat oven to 400.

Thaw whole package of spinach, put it in a mixing bowl with about 1/4 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese, plus a little salt and pepper. Put it on a small baking dish and crack four eggs on top. Salt and pepper eggs, put in oven and bake for 20 minutes. It could shorten the cooking time 10-12 minutes if you want to have a runny yolk, but I like my egg yolks firm. Serve half per meal for two separate meals. He had some sunflower seeds for a snack.





There will probably be two small fillets of tilapia fish in the package. Cook them in a pan and set them aside. If you have a little bacon fat or a little butter, add that and a little salt and pepper and pour half the mixture bag stir fry, less about a half cup in the pan and cook until vegetables are tender and no longer frozen. Divide it between two plates, add a string cheese for some protein and fat, and enjoy.



pizza cups

This was by far my favorite, and made three meals worth of food.



Preheat oven to 350

Take the pepperoni (notice I bought large size sandwich slices. This is important.) And put one in each well of a muffin tin cup twelve. Add more or less than Rinaldi pizza sauce to the top of each scoop. If there were additional, chop them and add a few pepperonis everyone up. Cut a few olives and add to each cup, added some wild onions, you could get that mix bag of frozen pepper and add a few pieces of crushed pepper and onion from here. Put some Parmesan on them and top with shredded mozzarella cheese and bake for 15 minutes or so until they are well. And by right, I mean like this. Make a cup of frozen vegetables to eat with them.

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Fish croquettes


Open the fish and drain the fluid. I did not bother to collect the bones. Drain the fish in a large bowl. Add the grated cheddar cheese bag (bags dollar tree are 3-4 ounces in size), add two eggs, 1/3 cup mayonnaise, crushed pork rinds finely enough equal to half a cup of crumbs, salt and pepper to taste, and included about half a cup of wild onions. Mix everything together and shape the mixture into three or four patties and cook in a skillet until they have a crust on one side, then turn around and do the same on the other side. I used a little bacon fat with these.


When they were finished, I threw a cup of frozen vegetables in skillet and cooked in excess fat. Remember to divide your meal onto two plates.



peppers and eggs


This recipe is as simple as it sounds. Heat and cook the peppers in the pan, then break the eggs into them and mess together. I learned this from a show about cooking youtube depression era.


Chicken Soup


Take the two package chicken thighs and put them in a pot first thing in the morning half. Cover with water and boil for maybe an hour, take out, take the meat from the bones and refrigerate, peak bone in half and put them back in the water and simmer all day in low with the lid on. It will not be a very rich chicken broth, but it will do a good enough broth soup. After 3-4 hours, strain to get the pieces of bone, add the chicken back, add about 1/3 cup pizza sauce for a taste, then add about 2-3 cups of any plant that remain of frozen vegetables that have been eating all week. Season with salt and pepper, and you have enough soup to last a couple of meals.


By now, you may have a few leftovers, such as olives, pickles, mayonnaise, frozen peppers, parmesan cheese, pizza sauce, and sunflower seeds. You can roll over them in some other items for next week, and then you can buy some other things, such as garlic powder, a small bottle of cooking oil, etc. As you work these menus, you will find that you have more you can use a week, and as a result, have more variety.

Source: http://healthteamadvisor.com/

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