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Bright light alters metabolism and increases insulin resistance

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bright-artificial-light(NaturalHealth365) Exposure to bright light seems to influence the metabolism. Although researchers are not exactly sure why, they are expecting this effect could be used to manipulate metabolic function positively. One thing is certain :. Insulin resistance and imbalances blood sugar occur with excessive exposure to artificial light – especially at the wrong time of day

For example, scientists at the University Northwestern Feinberg of Medicine have found that exposure to bright light in the morning and evening increases insulin resistance compared with exposure to dim light in these times.

exposure to bright light in the evening leads to higher levels of glucose and insulin resistance also peak. And, to be clear, insulin resistance refers to the inability to move glucose from the bloodstream adequately, and the result is hyperglycemia. Over time, excess body fat and higher diabetes can occur risk.

Previous studies related to exposure to light have shown that those who received most of their exposure to bright light after 24:00 tended to be heavier than those who were exposed to earlier in the day. Mice exposed to a constant light altered metabolism have finally linked to glucose. This makes them more likely to gain weight than mice not exposed to large amounts of light.

In these cases, insulin can not effectively carry glucose back to baseline levels after a meal overnight bright light exposure. The study results highlight how daily light exposure and environmental impacts our health.

These results point to the influence of exposure times of light and dark. It is important to find the ideal pattern for ideal health. The Northwestern study examined the recent immediate effects of three hours of exposure to blue light enriched morning or evening compared to the dim light right now. Its effects on metabolic function, hunger and physiological arousal were studied and followed.

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Nineteen adults in good health were divided into a group of exposure to bright morning light (0.5 hours after awakening) and an evening group (10.5 hours after waking ). The results were compared with the results of exposure to the dim light of each person to create a baseline. The group later ate their dinner to light, while the morning group ate his breakfast while exposed to bright light.

The results showed that exposure to blue-enriched light altered metabolic functioning acutely in both groups compared with exposure to dim light. Meanwhile it resulted in increased insulin resistance, caused by exposure night glucose levels in blood peak higher. The results show the inability of insulin to handle increased blood sugar at night.

Artificial light confuses the brain’s pineal gland, and this may disrupt melatonin production . Melatonin regulates our sleep cycles, but is also a cancer-fighting substance.

Melatonin also prevents neurodegenerative diseases by regulating circadian rhythms, mood, sleep quality, and more. free radicals are clean and have antioxidant and immunomodulatory qualities. When melatonin production is disturbed, we are in increased risk of cancer and other health problems .

Being proactive about exposure to light throughout the day can bring a number of benefits to health. For more information about how to protect themselves from the negative effects of artificial light – Listen to the Podcast NaturalHealth365, “blue light therapy.”





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