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Breastfeeding Secrets Revealed Position, Hold and Proper Latch

New mothers have told me they wish they had given more information about positioning and latch, and the various wineries associated with breastfeeding. So I decided to reveal these breastfeeding “secrets” here.

1. What is the secret to preparing breastfeeding?


Holding the breast correctly! The c-cellar is the correct way to hold the chest when learning to breastfeed and should be practiced by pregnant women and new because almost every new mom does incorrectly. How? Moms tend to put the thumb on the (right) top but put your fingers background in the wrong place. The lower fingers have to be close to the chest wall. The index finger usually ends at the bottom of the baby areola preventing a latch depth contract. Whether you are already breastfeeding or are still waiting, check your c-cellar in a mirror to make sure your fingers are out of the way. Also make sure that the flap of her nursing bra is not on the road. Remember, a new baby can not bear the weight of his own head, not to mention the breast, to support your breast properly and without hampering the latch. If you are a mom, it is not suitable to prepare for breastfeeding by hardening nipples, an outdated practice that the keratin layer of the skin is broken and is not useful. It is useful for testing the nipples for investment by placing fingers 1 “behind the nipple and gently pinch to see if the nipple is inverted, it deflates or Excel normally. If not, consider using a breast pump to extract nipples just before feeding. a nipple shield is a last resort because it can cause a decrease in milk production.

2. what is the secret of a good hook?


Let’s discuss the proper body position at a time, but here are the basics of a good hitch depth.

1. Supporting breast-hold in the c discussed above.
2. Line baby’s nose with your nipple.
3. Use the nipple to tickle the baby’s lower lip in a downward motion to produce the reflection of the open mouth.
4. Wait a yawn or mourn wide mouth.
5. raid around the baby’s body towards you.
6. Bring the baby’s buttocks closer to you. This digging in the chin and tilt the head slightly.
7. Support for a newborn breast all power, but do not forget to relax your shoulders and make sure it supports your arm as newborns can take 45 minutes to arrive within 20 minutes of swallowing.

3. What position is the best to learn to breastfeed?

The cross-cradle position gives you more control, but depending on if you had a c -section, the position can be Football best for you. Let’s tackle football keep a little later. In a suitable cross cradle holds will hold the baby in the nape of the neck with the hand opposite the breast you are using. Use proper c-cellar in the chest. Sit in the chair, put your feet in a fixed footrest. This brings your knees above your hips to help avoid the temptation to bring the breast to the baby. Always take your baby to the breast. Otherwise you end up with a backache leaning the wrong way on the baby. Catch in the cradle cross or any position must be made within one (1) and two (2) movement of one. Practice proper latch techniques previously discussed. 1. Swoop the baby as soon as you see a yawn or full mouth mourn. 2. Pull your elbow to the ribs so that the baby’s buttocks with her. This calls the bottom near the baby helping to dig in the chin and tilt his head back keeping you from the temptation of pushing the breast tissue away with your thumb. should not be pushed down with the thumb, because it raises the nipple toward the roof of the mouth causing irritation of the nipple. By using a pillow, remember you are there to support you while supporting the baby. It is not intended to support the baby without your help, but a nursing pillow is an effective way to keep the breast in the correct position and save it from back pain tool.

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4. What is the secret of a good football position?

Like the cross-cradle position, Mom holds the nape of the baby’s hand neck, but this time, the same hand in the same side as the breast of it being used. Use the c-cellar and ensure that the lower projections are well below the areola. Support the breast with your hand or a rag wrapped belch throughout feeding a newborn who can not bear the weight of his own head. Remember that your hand should be at the base of the neck and not more than head for several reasons. One is that baby tends to arch your back when the top of his head is touched. Sit in the chair, put your feet up and have a pillow on that side of his lap for support. Your baby should be tucked under his arm like a football. Your legs should be in a fetal position or older and the baby could have them raised bottom and resting her legs on the back of the chair. made in a one (1) and two (2) movement. Practice proper latch techniques and movement of the raid and cosmetic surgery previously discussed. nursing pillows are essential in this position unless you have a very wide soft armrests on your chair.

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5. What is the secret to when to use the cradle position?

is best to use the cross-cradle hold instead of the cradle position when you are learning to breastfeed because you have more control over the position of the baby’s head with the hand that made in the crease of the elbow. However, many mothers are very comfortable in this position so it moves to this position after the initial engagement over time you support breast newborn with a burp cloth wound is easy to achieve. Or once the baby has more control over your head or you’re a mom busted smaller, you can use the base to hold comfortably. Just remember the engaged position previously discussed. baby’s nose should be on target with the nipple. He should be tummy to tummy with mom. His ears, shoulders and hips should be in a straight line, since it is hard to swallow with his head turned. Also remember to take the baby to the breast and not the other way and relax your shoulders and wear something to support your arm.

6. Do you need to learn to nurse lying down?

is important to know the lateral decubitus position? In a word, yes! The lateral decubitus position may be the answer to a mother stressed with lack of sleep or a mother who wants to increase your milk! The proper technique for lateral decubitus position is to have one or two pillows under your head and a pillow between your knees to stabilize the hips. Baby’s nose is on target with the nipple and the baby draws close with mothers arm that is under it. The biceps of this arm is used in part to support the breast of a larger mother also broken. Remember that in all wineries baby is tummy to tummy with you and not lying on his back with his head turned trying to swallow. The lateral decubitus position is perfect for sharing the bed at night or catching a nap with the baby. Carry your baby in bed with you if you notice a drop in milk production is a great way to get a boost too. If you feel uncomfortable keeping the baby in bed with you all night, you can still hear the signal power and the nurse who sleeps with a bassinet co bed that keeps the baby within reach of early arm

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