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Boy Using Cannabis Oil: I’d Rather Be Illegally Alive Than Legally Dead


By Paul Fassa

a young teenager who had to be rescued from a lake where he had almost drowned was infected with the bacteria, it is assumed that “shoots” the illness of his Crohn, an inflammation extremely debilitating bowel and intestines that can be terminal.

Bacterial infection in water was given by Turner Coltyn sudden slowdown in health medical explanation. His treatment included antibiotics at first, but soon became useless drugs with powerful side effects to solve their sudden outbreak of Crohn’s disease.

Lindita Rrahmani commented on the MAM (Millions Against Monsanto) Facebook page, “He put a bacterial infection, and … that trigger Crohn’s disease.” No, the big pharmaceutical antibiotics pay your doctor to give him caused his

Crohn’s disease.

Personally, I suspect Coltyn was infected with Giardia, the only parasite that requires strong antibiotics. Most other issues parasites carried in the water can be removed with one or two rounds of deworming cleaning is sold over the counter in Mexico or online in the country.

Coltyn soon became emaciated, wracked with pain and in a wheelchair. Everything turned after his family left Illinois and sought cannabis oil as a last resort. On the way to being allowed medical supervision using cannabis in Colorado, Coltyn made a comment that went viral

“would rather alive than dead legally illegally.”

is almost a war cry for medical marijuana.

In the second mark 50 minutes into this video, Coltyn tells his story.

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Case Coltyn not the only

Other anecdotal cases of Crohn cannabis and research confirms cannabis is able to create the relief and remission of Crohn’s disease without harmful side effects. Some sufferers of Crohn used successfully even smoking marijuana to relieve symptoms enough to stay away from other allopathic treatments and pharmaceuticals.

Then there is the famous story of Shona Banda, Crohn victim at some point in their life was so bad after having several parts of the gastrointestinal tract surgically removed that was waiting to die. After discovering Rick Simpson “Running healing” video on cannabis to cure cancer, he wondered if there was anyway should could make your own oil.

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But she lived in Kansas, and it seemed impossible. Cannabis oil discovery was quite serendipitous.

After living in Colorado for a while and work in a medical marijuana dispensary, he returned to Kansas. Perhaps due to her separation from her husband and the need to find a stable job income. It turned out to be a bad move. After finishing his book, Die , Shona continued his defense of cannabis mincing words back home in Kansas, not exactly fertile ground for awareness of cannabis.

One day, a local representative of the fight against drugs came to the school of her 11 years to increase anti-conscience pot. the youngest son of Shona disagreed with his views expressed and stated that cured his mother and she uses it all the time – Whoops! Shona must [have] brought up the child in his silence about the types of enforcement.

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That is what led to this.

Shortly after the video above, the state of Kansas loaded Band with “five counts of possession of marijuana with intent distribute, manufacture tetrahydrocannabinol, an oil extracted from marijuana, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and one count of child endangerment “according to the Washington post.

That’s what you get for taking responsibility for their health and heal itself outside the medical mafia.

By the way, one of the main concerns of Shona as she was incapacitated her Crohn’s disease, before discovering how to make your cannabis oil was get well enough to be a better mother .


Paul Fassa is a contributing writer for REALfarmacy.com – where this article appeared for the first time . His hobbies are controlling medical mafia on health and the food industry and government corruption regulatory agencies. Paul’s contributions to the movement of health and global paradigm shift are well received by the seekers of truth. Visit his blog following this link and follow in Twitter here

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