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Bombshell Secret Documents Show Monsanto Knew About Glyphosate Link to Cancer Over 35 Years Ago

This pump is something no one expected to come to light. Monsanto knew about the link of glyphosate with cancer for over 35 years !!!


Scientific Research Dr. Anthony Samsel has a long history of studying the harmful effects of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup in the human body.

He had already worked with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, which launched the dire warning that nearly half of all US children may be autistic in 2025 (largely due to exposure to glyphosate), and chemical has been linked to serious health problems originating from intestinal bacteria.

Recently, Samsel work took him to a place few have gone before :. In the pages of files containing safety tests on glyphosate which had been sealed away since 1981 as a “trade secret” by request of the company Monsanto

Dr. Samsel was able to get the EPA to remove the seal, finally, these secret files, which contain information that the public was never meant to see (at least according to Monsanto).

And while Samsel legally is not allowed to show any other files, you are allowed to share their thoughts about them, as well as information that could implicate the company in a cancer coverup of epic proportions.

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A disturbing pattern of cancer

According to records obtained by Samsel, these effects, and perhaps worst effects were generally known by Monsanto decades.

In the video pump then Samsel is interviewed by journalist Tony Mitra on what he found – shocking evidence that showed “significant incidences of tumors cell assays and tumor growth in multiple organs and tissues” in laboratory animals to begin with.

Other disturbing findings within these secret files include evidence that glyphosate enters the bone marrow almost immediately, preventing the formation of new cells in living organisms.

Indeed, in each case, Samsel noticed an increased incidence of adenomas (benign tumors) and carcinomas (cancers that originate in external tissues).

In other words, according to Samsel, Monsanto knew that glyphosate caused cancer 35 years ago, according to these files, and the truth is just coming.
Samsel is legally bound not to show the documents to anyone, but he is allowed to say what you feel for them:

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