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Boil Some Bananas before Going to Bed, Drink the Liquid and You Will Be Amazed With the Results

‘ve had many restless nights, but then I heard about this amazing tea. I decided to give it a try, and the results were surprising.

Lack of sleep or insomnia can lead to various conditions, including anxiety, stress and depression. When people go to bed usually they think about their family problems, work or just things you need to do the next day. When the mind is active, the chances of sleep are considerably smaller.

Insomnia can also be caused by certain medications such as blood pressure and heart medications, antihistamines and analgesics. It is true that some drugs that induce sleep at first, however, can cause anxiety and can make your trips to the bathroom more often, breaking the dream. The use of electronic devices can also disrupt sleep patterns.

Regardless of the reason, you need to make some modifications in order to stop insomnia.

tea banana

is very easy to prepare this tea. All you need are just a few ingredients, you probably have in your kitchen. This recipe sleep prepared from organic banana tastes great and does wonders.

Bananas, and its shell, in particular, are abundant in magnesium and potassium. Magnesium prevents sleep disruption, while both potassium and magnesium are excellent for muscle relaxation. Actually, magnesium is one of the most powerful for relaxation minerals.

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However, be sure to use organic bananas for this recipe, since non-organic are filled with pesticides. This recipe also includes the banana peel so it must be free of chemicals.

You will have no more than 10 minutes to prepare this tea.


banana-1 Organic
pot of small water

Start by cutting the two ends of banana and putting banana and peel in boiling water. Boil for about 10 minutes. Then pour the water into a cup. Use a strainer to this. You can sprinkle a little cinnamon if desired. Drinking tea an hour before going to bed.

Having boiled bananas, sprinkle some cinnamon on it and eat sticky and hot fruit. Doing this will increase the effect of tea.

Reason sleeping pills are harmful

Nearly half of Americans suffer from insomnia, so it should not come as a surprise that most of them they take sleeping pills. However, sleeping pills are no longer useful when used in long term.

Most sleeping pills are a type of drug that induces and maintains sleep. These pills are known as hypnotic sedatives. Barbiturates and benzodiazepines are among the drugs. Benzodiazepines can cause addiction and are used to treat anxiety disorders. Barbiturates are used as sedatives and anesthetics and weaken the central nervous system

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All drugs come with side effects such as :.

Difficulty remembering and focusing
uncontrollable shaking

pills sleep can also slow down the rhythm of breathing. This is especially dangerous for people who already have lung problems such as asthma or COPD.

The body is affected by sleep deprivation in this way

Lack of sleep is harmful to the body. Approximately 8 hours of sleep is considered sufficient, and get less sleep than this can seriously affect cognitive function, memory and long and short term. Moreover, lack of sleep is associated with serious health problems such as cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Getting enough sleep is vital and if you have trouble sleeping have to find a solution. This amazing tea has done the trick for me. Try it!

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