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Blackstrap Molasses: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating This Super Food

Blackstrap molasses super food

Blackstrap Molasses is a super food with hundreds of benefits health. Often it called ‘Black Gold’ thanks to the benefits of health and beauty offered. Regular consumption of molasses (or BSM as it is known) can help solve problems of hair and skin, prevent and cure fibroids and menstrual problems, reduce constipation, treatment of acid reflux and even fight cancer tumors.In this article, we will study in detail molasses and discover some ways that you can consume to solve major health problems.

What are molasses?

BSM Molasses or sugar cane is obtained by boiling three times. After the crystallization process is filtering to remove crystals which gives refined sugar. During the third stage of boiling, black goop left behind is molasses. It is full of minerals and vitamins.

health benefits of blackstrap molasses 10 reasons to eat this super food

1. For menstrual problems

Molasses can be used to treat various menstrual problems, including heavy periods, cramps, pre menstrual tension, irregular periods and anemia caused by heavy bleeding. Vitamin K present in BSM is known to reduce heavy periods, allowing blood to clot.

How to take molasses for menstrual issues – The ideal dose of molasses for menstrual problems described above is 1 tablespoon per day, divided into three times a day or menstruating. However, if you are new to it, you can start small and consumes only 1 teaspoon at first.

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2. For anemia

Extremely rich in iron, molasses you can use regularly to prevent iron deficiency. One tablespoon of BSM contains about 4.5 g of iron, which is the recommended daily intake. Pregnant women, vegetarians and vegans should consume this super food to overcome anemia.

Taking BSM for anemia – You could take a teaspoon of it in their regular coffee or tea. It can also be mixed with peanut butter and chocolate syrup, heat for a few seconds and consumption of this tasty treat.

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3. To prevent and reverse premature graying of hair

The minerals and vitamins molasses as a source of nutrition to the hair follicles weak. This super food is rich in B vitamins and minerals such as chromium, copper, manganese, magnesium, selenium and iron. All these elements are necessary for a strong, beautiful hair.

Using molasses for healthy, beautiful hair- Take it with a glass of warm milk at night. Add a quarter teaspoon vanilla extract to improve flavor.

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4. To prevent and treat constipation

Persons have a problem with hard, dry stools can be used molasses and apple cider vinegar recipe for regular bowel movements. This remedy is best taken early in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

How to cure constipation with BSM – Add a teaspoon of water with apple cider vinegar (ACV) is hot. If you do not like the taste, add a tablespoon of orange juice. You can also use lemon juice instead of stroke.

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5. To increase energy levels and boost mood

If you felt tired and depressed lately, try taking BSM to regain strength and elevate mood. People have used this time and again remedy to improve your endurance levels and energy. Many elderly patients have been able to cure depression and anxiety regularly taking BSM. This super food is rich in potassium, which helps energy levels rising.

Using this super food to increase energy – Take a teaspoon with a glass of warm milk. It could also make cocoa with BSM. Stir in some cocoa powder and a teaspoon of BSM in the hot milk and add cold milk on top cocoa for cold summer. It could also drink it warm in winter.

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6. For fibroids

are known

fibroids and ovarian cysts to reduce through regular intake of BSM size.

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Using : only buy molasses-a sulfur to treat fibroids and cysts. Add a glass of warm water with a little apple cider vinegar. You can also take with almond milk. Add BSM to your recipes (stews and curries) to improve the taste.

7. health problems in pets

Even pets can benefit from regular consumption of molasses. Many pet owners have seen an increase in energy levels in older dogs with this remedy.

Using :. Add a teaspoon of molasses rice or croquettes dog

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8. Benefits of molasses skin

acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes, rosacea and many other skin problems can be cured with regular consumption of BSM. This is due to its high content of copper and zinc that are effective against all types of skin rashes.

Using – Add a teaspoon to your coffee or chai latte. Another option is to take a little organic ACV in the morning on an empty stomach. skin rashes and acne tends to initially increase before it is turned off completely when this resource is used. Make sure you stick to it to see the results.

9. For pain of arthritis

BSM is a great remedy for arthritis pain.

Using :. Take 1 tablespoon every morning for at least two weeks to reduce joint pain

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10. To cure cancer

Molasses taken with hot water drank quietly for the day can shrink tumors. This remedy is also used in dogs to treat canine cancer too.

Using :. Take it before bed at night, and the first to rise, with a glass of water

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As can be seen, molasses has received rave reviews in the fight against many types of health problems. It is time for all this super food include in our daily diet!

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