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Black Rice—The New Superfood for you

Black rice, black rice do you know? Most of us will say no. The reason is that we only see white or brown rice in our daily lives, as they are part of many different recipes we find in our homes or restaurants. And his until recently that this rice has become known. I’ll tell you about the black rice and its health benefits. You might think that the black rice reserves for lovers of exotic food only. Well, it’s not entirely true. The more you know about it the more you want it in your daily diet.

Black Rice is one of the healthiest foods on your plate, and for lovers of rice is the powerhouse of nutrition compared with white or brown rice. A major drawback is white rice that has no nutrition left therein even dietary fiber and vitamins. The reason for this is that when the bran is removed completely from the rice, all the fiber is removed and vitamins. Furthermore, brown rice only removed more outer layer so is slightly better than white rice. Just watch the video below for the full guide.

Black-rice new super food for you

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