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Billionaires Would Rather Prefer Wine & Spirits Over Health & Exercise – WealthX Survey

People like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and became role models for billionaires young adults the world over. We have all heard legends speak of their hard work, business acumen and sacrifice to be what they are today. In 2015, there were 2,473 billionaires whose net value added is an amazing USD 7,683 million.


The only thing everyone’s mind is what these billionaires spend their time and money?

How billionaire spend your time and money

WealthX has database world’s largest research and intelligence on billionaires which puts them in the best position to answer this question. It conducted a survey to study billionaires with a focus on the source and extent of their wealth, and their hobbies and interests. Health and exercise stood at a modest 8 ap place and seems to be low on your list of interest. Here are the 10 best interests of billionaires around the world:

Rank Interests, Passions and hobbies % of Billionaires
1 Philanthropy 56.3%
2 Travel 31.0%
3 Art 28.7%
4 Fashion Y Style 25.2%
5 Politics 22.2%
6 Wine Y Spirits 15.9%
7 Boating 14.9%
8 Health Y Exercise 14.8%
9 Automobiles 14.5%
10 Collectibles 14.1%

While It is encouraging to know that philanthropy tops the list of billionaires interests, which is sad that health and fitness does not rank higher than 8 place ap place.With a few exceptions , billionaires invest their time, money and effort into a luxurious lifestyle that included luxury properties, aircraft, superyachts and plenty of wine!

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WealthX is the global authority on intelligence wealth and its customer base includes brands such as Hermes, Cartier, Gucci and Brioni. They published the first report on the World Ultra Wealth in 2011 as one by one innovative analysis of billionaires through a variety of parameters

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August 16 of 2016

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