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Betel leaves health benifits


betel leaves have many minerals and vitamins that help to health.

Mouth Ulcers:

Some people always suffer from ulcers in the mouth, they can not eat or drink anything during that time.

Take some betel leaves and soak it in water for an hour. This water can be used mouth freshener. Use this water to wash the mouth for 5 times a day. the ulcer heals in the mouth

also eliminates the odor from the mouth.

Accelerate the process of digestion:

If you eat betel leaves along with food, it will speed up the digestion process.

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cure indigestion and gastric

leaves good for digestion and healing of gastric ulcers associated betel.

Keep clean digestive system:

If you eat one of betel leave every day in the morning, all free radicals are shed and keep the colon clean.

Eliminates allergies and skin diseases

Put betel leaves and boil water before bathing and cure many skin diseases.

Obesity and body weight

Many people who suffer from obesity due to cholesterol. Even many gyms and exercise can not reduce cholesterol in some people.

If you chew these leaves with black pepper every day, the enzyme present in layers beetle leave nutrient that helps lower cholesterol.

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Thus, these sheets reduce body weight and obesity

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