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Best Homemade Oil For Hair Growth and hairfall


Best Homemade Oil for hair growth and hair loss

problems related to hair as hair loss, premature graying and baldness have become endemic among people of all ages caused due to several factors such as changes in diet and environment pollutants.Despite environment a number of resources available on the markets, they do not produce the desired long-term effects.

oil hair growth Best Natural

Bhringraj also known as Eclipta Alba
Bhringraj leaves are well known for their hair growth properties
helps relieve stress and leaves hair loss .. .But this oil thick hair, long and lustrous hair naturally is obtained.

to 1 liter of oil or sesame oil,
bhangra leaves,

First separately, the bhringraj stem leaves and leaves put
in the water and all impurities removed dust leaves the strain .and thesis leaves water using filter extra water put removed.Than all these leaves in the mill and milled at random.
Take a pan or pot with thick base and keep it in a place under flame.Than 1 liter of oil gingerly or sesame oil or til oil and put this leaves the pasta in it carefully.You have to keep the flame very low.when oil turns dark green and remains a sparkling cool aspect of this oil.You you can use this hair oil overnight and wash in the morning.
also can be used whenever you want and held for 30-40 minutes and wash.
use this hair oil at-least 6 months for best results.

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