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Best Home Remedy For White And Gray Hair


Click one has white hairs? If you have gray hair, then it is quite embarrassing. If you have white hairs, people will call you old and will tell jokes about you. Looking young has become an expensive affair these days to buy products on the market and surgeries. So why not take a look at the best home remedy for white and gray hair we have prepared for you? Read on to find out.


  • cilantro
  • bottle gourd (Lauki)
  • olive oil or sesame oil.


  • Take a little cilantro and bottle gourd (Lauki).
  • Put both ingredients in the mill.
  • Moler both ingredients together.
  • After pour this mixture into a bowl.
  • Add some sesame or olive oil in it.
  • apply it to the scalp as well.
  • Massaging the scalp with this mixture will make your black hair in a few days.
  • is left for a few minutes to remove them.
  • Do this on a daily basis for best results.


  • This oil helps to cover gray hair and white naturally.
  • also it helps get rid of headace.
  • These ingredients are readily available at home and you can make this oil in a few minutes.
  • is given better results.

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