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Best Home Remedies For White Hair

Our hair determines our overall appearance in a major way. Shiny long black hair is often viewed with admiration. In fact, in the current scenario, we leave no stone unturned to get rid of various hair problems that we tend to face every day. The graying of hair is one of those common problems.

There are many factors responsible for premature aging of the hair, and also, there are a lot of solutions available for the treatment of first gray hairs, but should always be considered safe and natural ways and home remedies for treating gray hair, as the use of chemicals or other complicated method can add to their problems, even resulting in hair loss. Although you can not prevent the natural cycle of hair whitening, but you can always prevent hair from premature aging. You can always choose a healthy diet and natural home remedies for treating gray hair at home.

12. The best home remedies for white hair (gray)

1. Protein diet

protein diet also works wonder in reducing the number of gray hairs significantly. You need to include a lot of protein-rich foods in your daily diet to keep their original hair color for a while
period. Some of the foods rich in protein include eggs, soy and lean meat.

2. Carrot juice

Carrot juice is healthy, as well as tasty. If you want to prevent and cure white hair then drink a glass of carrot juice on a daily basis. His hair is not white will turn and get rid of the problem as well. It also helps maintain healthy hair and strong.You can make fresh carrot juice at home too. Do not apply to hair, as this works best when consumed. Drinking carrot juice can
very health for overall health as well. Therefore, drink plenty of carrot juice because it does not hurt at all!

3. Curry leaves

premature graying human hair can be avoided that liberal intake of curry leaves that are considered to be beneficial for the hair. The root of the hair gets its vitality and strength curry form of these
leaves. normal pigments are present in the new hair roots that are always healthier.

Curry leaves can be eaten as chutney or added as a paste in the whey. curry leaves can be an excellent hair tonic when boiled in coconut oil. This oil can stimulate hair growth and bring
hair pigmentation back as an effective hair tonic.

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4. Lemon juice and gooseberry

Gooseberry (AMLA) is well known for its benefits especially for hair. Mix amla powder with lemon juice and make a smooth paste; apply this paste on the scalp for 1-2 hours before washing. You can also soak amla pieces overnight in water and use this water to rinse the hair after washing with a mild shampoo. There are several ways to use this fruit to nourish the hair and scalp.

5. Henna

Henna or mehendi is an herb that has been used in India since ancient times and is an effective conditioner. Applying Henna an hour before the bath is effective in reversing hair white. It also strengthens hair and prevents graying, thinning and split ends.

6. Paste the onion

The onion can burn eyes, but you can use the paste to treat white hair. All you have to do rub it into the scalp and let it dry a bit. His gray / white hair becomes black in a few days. However use
this remedy on a daily basis to achieve the desired results. If you do once in a week, you will see no progress. Make sure you do every day! You have to peel the onion skin and grind
onions. Apply the paste on the scalp and leave it for a while. Wash after 30 minutes or so. You can wash your hair too much, because the onion leaves an unpleasant odor.

7. Sesame Oil And Carrot

To prevent and treat black and gray hair, essential oils carrot seeds, along with oil sesame should be mixed together and applied to the roots and scalp. Make sure you blend well in an airtight container having an anti-leak cap. The roots and scalp need to be massaged gently with this mixture and left as it is for 30 minutes for best results.

8. sesame seeds and almond oil

is oil and sesame consider almond seeds do wonders to reduce the growth of white hair. You need to prepare and apply the mixture with sesame seeds finely grounded and almond oil on the scalp to slow down and gradually stop the growth of white hair.

In order to make this mixture, it is necessary to mix about 4 tablespoons of almond oil with a teaspoon of sesame seeds using a blender or food processor. Then use this mixture to massage the hair follicles and scalp and let dry for about twenty minutes before washing your hair.

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9. Coconut oil and lemon juice

The white hair is irritating and unpleasant. If you want to get rid of it and make it black, then massage and oil your hair with a mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil. This is an effective home remedy and works wonders! You should do this every day to get the desired results. This certainly treat your problem with white hair and also make your hair healthy and beautiful.

10. Coconut oil and gooseberry

Gooseberry not only repairs hair damage, but it also works as a hair tonic which brightens, black hair dandruff free. You can also dry amla pieces and then boil them with coconut oil until the oil turns dark brown. Apply this oil on the scalp and hair every night for 2-3 weeks in the morning and wash with a mild shampoo for a visual result. Massaging the scalp with a teaspoon of almond oil mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of amla juice also helps cure graying hair.

11. fenugreek seeds

fenugreek seeds can also be used for prevent hair loss and enjoy better hair growth. Soak two or three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water for eight to 10 hours. Soaked grind the seeds to make a thin paste. You can also mix two tablespoons of coconut milk in it. Apply the paste on the hair and scalp and let it sit for about 30 minutes before washing your hair with warm water. When done on a regular weekly basis, this remedy will prevent dry scalp and help you enjoy thicker hair.

Another option is to use water that soak fenugreek seeds overnight as a hair rinse. This will encourage hair growth and help get rid of dandruff. Use once or twice a week.

12. Reduce high levels of stress

Modern life with its amenities brings a lot of stress and tension, if is work related or personal. The end result is the appearance of white hair. To cure and prevent the problem of white hair should reduce high levels of stress.

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