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Best Diet Chart for Indian Women for a Healthy Lifestyle

So you are carrying a sedentary lifestyle You want to do weight loss You must be idle or sitting for the maximum length of time without much physical activity. That may be because your profession asks where to sit for a long period of time or may be idle by choice. But whatever the reason is, the sedentary lifestyle can call to many health problems. It is always advisable to change our diets according to weight, height and lifestyle. So let’s draw a best diet chart for Indian women for a healthy life.

A reference Indian adult is between 20 and 39 years old and healthy and weighs 50 kg. She may be involved in general 8 hours of work from home, in light industry or any other moderately active work. Apart from 8 hours in bed, she spends 4 to 6 hours sitting or moving around light activity and 2 hours walking or recreation or active household chores.

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Therefore, it is recommends a woman involved in sedentary work to have:

Total calories needed for a day – 1,875 Kcal

protein required for one day – 50gms.

fat required for a day -. 20gms

Here I have presented a graphical representation of Graphic best diet for Indian women for a healthy life.

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Diet Chart for Women Leading a Sedentary Lifestyle.

diet chart for women with a sedentary lifestyle.

Prescription Diet for a healthy life (in calories and grams)

% Weight (g) Kcal
carbohydrates 70% 328gms 1,313 kcal
Protein 15% 70 gms 281 kcal
Fat 15% 31 grams 281 kcal

Division calorie meals

Breakfast 400 kcal
midmorning 150 kcal
lunch 600 kcal
Tea 100 kcal
Late at night 125 kcal
Supper 500 kcal
Total calories 1,875 kcal

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Meal for the day if you are looking for a healthy weight loss

1. Breakfast (8.00 hours)

  • a small bowl of oatmeal with oatmeal and skim milk and sugar, topped with fresh fruits like apples, papayas or Granada
  • a boiled egg and a glass of green tea
    -. O –
  • 2 ragi idlis with coriander and coconut chutney untempered, a glass of skim milk
    . – O –
  • .

  • A sandwich bread slathered with spicy sauce with cilantro with some cut like cucumber and tomatoes with 1 date and bun nut, a glass of skim milk
    vegetables – O –
  • A small plate of vegetables with a Khakra upma and tea.

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2. A mid-morning (10.00 hours)


  • A small plate of salad sprouts with raw cucumber, onion and tomatoes with a little lemon juice
    – O –
  • A fruit as sweet orange or lemon or block
    -. O –
  • 2 digestive biscuits.

3. Lunch (13:30)

  • 2 chapattis or 2 methi theplas (gujrati healthy wheat roti) with a small bowl of curry eggplant or potato and peas curry or curry prepared from bottle gourd and pumpkin camellón
    -. O –
  • A small bowl of brown rice with dal palak Yogurt , and 1 roasted papad
    -. O –
  • 2 chapattis with a small bowl of curry chicken or fish curry and salad
  • A small bowl of brown rice with khadi
    -. And –
  • To Sweet :. 2 Ladoo dates or a kiss or a slice of apple pie

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