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Best Acne Treatment for Men

Women usually care about the fact that they have acne . They do not realize that men also have this problem. Whatever the genre, acne still leaves a stigma on people. This can cause a person to have low self-esteem.
People often associate with acne is unhygienic or dirty. That’s why many people use only ways to get rid of acne. They are looking for the best acne treatment in order to counteract this condition.
Even adults can get acne. Nearly 5% of adults still experience acne so it is not only teenagers who suffer from acne as most people think. However, women are more likely to develop adult acne rather than men.
The reason for this is because there is an increase in sebum production of women due to fluctuating hormones. So these changes are evident during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. Women undergoing these stages are at high risk for developing adult acne.
Although women are the common victims, men might also be getting adult acne. This may be due to their genetic acne or who are experiencing stress predisposition.
Best Acne Treatment for Men
good hygiene
men can prevent acne formation from good hygiene. It is recommended to clean the face with a mild soap or cleanser with only the fingertips or hands. The use of wipes that are rough texture can lead to increased production of skin oil.
facial cleansers
There are a lot of gentle cleansers available in the market men can choose from. Most experts agree that you should choose cleaning products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. A combination of sulfur and resorcinol could also be used. Be sure to use only soft formulations skin not dry.
If you are a male who has mild acne outbreaks, using commercial cleaners could take 6 to 8 weeks before the results are visible. It is advised that you have to moderate to severe acne problems, you may want to use moderately prescription products.
There are topical and oral medications that are most appropriate for your condition. Prescribed drugs target the cause of acne. Some topical medications are antimicrobial and kill bacteria that cause acne and retinoids help slough dead skin cells unclog pores.
Oral antibiotics is also prescribed and tested for adult men and adolescents in the treatment of acne therapy. laser therapies could be used in conjunction with oral and topical medications to achieve the best result.
Acne Treatment for Men

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see a dermatologist
Severe acne deserves medical attention. This is the kind of condition that needs management dermatologist. If left untreated, it can leave permanent scars. special procedures that could be done as surgical incisions and drainage.
Oral antibiotics may also be prescribed that are much more powerful than normal. This may require constant monitoring of cholesterol levels and liver function of the person. However, the side effects must also be closely monitored and considered.
acne conditions can greatly affect self-esteem and sense of self worth of a man. You could drag your confidence level down. Many adults feel that having acne is like going back to the years of awkward adolescence.
This could greatly affect social interaction even at work. It is good to know the best acne treatment for you from your dermatologist. This way expert advice on how to deal with this condition is obtained.

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