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Benefits of vitamin C for Skin

Vitamin C is probably one of the most common nutrients we hear about our day. Very essential for natural growth and development of an individual, the Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient.

it is loaded with all kinds of benefits to the human body and protects tissues and skin wear.

Studies show that it is very important to produce vitamin C containing foods a part of your daily diet. This is due to the reason that vitamin C is absorbed by our body and the residual is expelled as urine. Therefore, no deposits of this nutrient in the body.

foods sources high in vitamin c
is difficult to summarize all benefits of vitamin C in one place, but there is no doubt discuss all possible health benefits of vitamin C soon.

Vitamin C helps build collagen in the body. This is the connective tissue that helps hold the bones together. It also protects the body against infection and helps in the formation of muscles, tissues, blood vessels and cartilage. Another necessary iron ore, is also absorbed into the body due to the presence of vitamin C.

There are no limits to health benefits of Vitamin C ! Foods containing citric acid are said to be a great source of vitamin C. For this reason, it is advisable to consume fruits and vegetables that contain citrus, such as lemons and oranges acid.

People who get their daily dose of vitamin C likely to experience better health and fitness compared to those who do not consume adequate amounts of this vitamin.

vitamin c benefits and food sources

health benefits of vitamin C:

Here are some of the many benefits listed health vitamin C:

health benefits of vitamin c

strengthens the immune system:

white blood cells help boost the immune system and vitamin C promotes production of these cells. Vitamin C deficiency causes infections and acute disorders because the body is unable to fight infections, and even minor ailments. Doctors also prescribe patients suffering from HIV-AIDS to increase intake of vitamin C as it helps to strengthen your immune system.

anti oxidant:

There is a reason why vitamin C is added to most foods that are packaged and stored. This helps in protecting food from getting rusty. Thanks to its antioxidant character, vitamin C helps in the treatment of skin infections and repairs the skin and tissues. The simple application of the fruits that sources of vitamin C can do wonders for your skin. This is also the reason why people often recommend applying lemon, papaya and other fruits containing citric acid on the face and other body parts.

cold Combat:

One of the many tested and proven health benefits of vitamin C is its ability to fight colds common. By eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C , you can recover from a cold in progress much faster and also acts as prevention of the common cold. However, vitamin C does not completely protect an individual against the cold. It definitely helps in faster recovery from this condition.

helps lower blood pressure:

With regular consumption vitamin C , the risk of stroke can be largely avoided . Vitamin C helps in reducing blood pressure and maintains blood flow regulated and under control. There will be no blockages in the arteries and a person will be able to lead a stress free and relaxed life.

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Combat lead toxicity

is not surprising that the food we eat today is loaded with one or other chemicals and toxins. Lead is one of those deadly toxin that can create an imbalance in an individual time day. In many cases, their use can lead to death also. One of the many benefits health vitamin C is that it helps in reducing the formation of free radicals and toxins within the body, therefore, remains safe from all kinds of poisonous substances.

helps you lose weight:

may have noticed that your stomach feels full immediately after consuming food consisting of vitamin C, one way or another . This is due to its high content of water and fluids present in fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C. Bloating you refrain from eating unnecessarily.

promotes better vision and eye health:

Regular consumption of vitamin C helps reduce the risk of cataracts. Especially in women, eye health is to improve eating foods rich in vitamin C . Simply eating fruits and vegetables that contain citric acid, eye health and general vision can be improved greatly. It is necessary to provide adequate amount of vitamin C source for kids too. Full eye ​​health can only be guaranteed if you start taking foods rich in citrus from a very young age. The fact that no serious side effects makes vitamin C in a very important part of the daily supplements worldwide.

Cancer prevention:

Vitamin C is a rich source of antioxidants and helps prevent the risk of several different types of cancer. Prostate, oral, colon, stomach and lung cancer can stop a very large extent. Even people who are exposed to the consumption of snuff and asbestos may benefit from vitamin C intake in their diet.

Diabetes Control:

Vitamin C helps in the regulation of sugar content in blood and therefore It keeps the body free from acute and chronic diabetes. Vitamin C intake regulated increases metabolism and helps the body to make all functions and processes properly. Increased metabolism also combats the feeling of being hungry and helps keep fit and healthy individual.

Prevents Asthma:

The surfaces of the airways that surround the lining of the lungs consist of vitamin C. The functions performed by our lungs breaks and leads to serious health problems such as bronchitis if no adequate supply of this important nutrient. Studies have shown that adequate intake of food source of vitamin C items, respiratory disorders such as asthma can be cured and, in some cases, patients experience immediate relief from pain and disability to breathe properly.

Benefits of Vitamin C for skin:

Healing Properties:

Vitamin C is said to often to be the most potent healing nutrients that nature offers us. It is full of antibiotics, anti-aging, anti-toxin and anti-viral properties. These properties help the human body in the fastest recovery of all diseases and also prevents the appearance of several common disorders. Over time, more and more doctors are recommending their patients to switch to a diet consisting largely of vitamin C. The consumption of citrus fruits and vegetables also works much magic in healing the human body. Almost any type of skin irritation can be reduced to a considerable level.

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Anti aging:

Vitamin C is known to promote the growth of collagen in the body. Collagen is a protein structure known to support the layer of epidermis. extracellular properties is provided and maintained intact skin, suppress the formation of wrinkles. Vitamin C also necessary to repair and protect the skin from photo-damage ie the damage caused when our skin is exposed to sunlight properties. With regular consumption of vitamin C, damaged skin is repaired and finally the appearance of the skin improves over time. Collagen production also increases with time which helps in reducing the roughness, irritation and other skin allergies.

Combat pigmentation

There is a reason why people suggest applying lemon / orange / papaya and other fruits containing vitamin C in the skin. Vitamin C fights pigmentation and gives the skin a uniform tone. It is also known skin lightening some extent. To match the tone and glowing skin, vitamin C transforms it into an inseparable part of his life.

Protects the sun:

Research has shown that regular consumption of foods that are rich in sources of vitamin C you can repair the damage caused by sunlight. Skin- repair protein known as collagen is produced by vitamin C and this helps in the repair of photo-damage to your body. The outer layer of the skin is exposed to pollution, sunlight and other malicious and in order to protect factors, it is also recommended to apply a layer of lemon juice or orange pulp on the skin, as it helps in eradicating for damage caused by exposure to sunlight.

cures dry skin:

Ascorbic acid in vitamin C helps in blocking moisture present in the skin and reduces water loss layer more outside of the epidermis. This reduces the roughness of the skin and also keeps the dry skin hydrated. Another reason to consume Vitamin C rich foods is because they have a higher water content. This fluid contained maintaining soft and skin conditioning at all times.

Vitamin C is a vital part of our being. Consumption of fruits and vegetables that are rich sources of vitamin C will have both short and long term benefits for our health and fitness.

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