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Benefits of Rose Apple for eye health, beauty and prevent diarrhea

Prevention dehydration
If you eat this fruit [released water much . Because that is rosewater has a fairly high level water content that is of 100 grams of guava fruit contains water could reach 93 %, so is suitable to prevent dehydration . abundant water content in guava fruit also good for remain healthy kidney and digestion and can increase the sense of mood or happy for which they [consume.

Increased fertility
still probably rarely hear that guava can keep and increase fertility for men . Jambu water containing vitamin C are known as antioxidants can maintain healthy body cells including maintenance of healthy cells sperm that have been damaged .

Maintenance eye ​​health
After yesterday discussed on how maintain eye health with natural [19459003ingredientes] is there other natural ingredients that can use are water guava fruit . Rosewater also has vitamin A , which because all know that vitamin is good vitamin is required by eye ​​ . When you feel tired or because it is too long Cepek move in on the computer that can consume this fruit to handle it .

for beauty
addition health of the fruit that get this is fruit can also take beauty for those who consume . This is because this fruit contains vitamin C. This vitamin in addition to also it is known maintaining body against disease to rejuvenate the skin from within .

preventing diarrhea
Prevention and diarrhea treat with natural ingredients who are familiar around we usually are leaves guava . However resulting guava draw can also prevent diarrhea . is also of interest to The fruit can also reduce fever and heat in children .

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