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Benefits of Jamun / Black Plum

Black is plum fruit very famous in India, where he is well known as jamun and belongs to the Myrtaceae family. It is also known as jambul, jambolan, jambs, malabar plum, rajaman, neredu, Gulab kala, naval, jamali, plum etc Java and other regions of the world. It is very attractive, sweet and delicious fruit is everywhere during the rainy season (in June or July) on the side of the market or by road.

tree Jamun originated first in India, which has now spread to tropical regions around the world in many countries of Southeast Asia and East Africa (such as India , Pakistan, Nepal, Trinidad, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and etc). It is found in many varieties most common variety is nevertheless of oblong shape and deep purple jamun or bluish color.

Benefits Jamun / Black Plum

In general all varieties of Jamun contain sugar as glucose and fructose are commonly found in almost all ripe fruit. It is rich source of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. Which is liked by almost everyone during his season because of its tasty and delicious flavor. Some of its benefits for nutritional and medicinal health are:

Natural blood purifier

  • His wealth of iron makes it a good blood purifier as it ensures the supply of oxygenated blood with a good amount of hemoglobin in the body.

Good eye and skin Health

  • plum Black contains good amount of vitamins a and C and minerals that are very beneficial to the health of the eyes and skin.

Digestive Disorders Cures

  • Jamun has the cooling property thus very beneficial to cure digestive disorders.

keeps the skin fresh

  • Its astringent property makes it able to maintain skin fresh, soft and acne free fat.

prevents infection

  • Its availability with oxalic acid, gallic acid, malic acid , tannins, etc betulic acid and makes it capable as an anti-malarial, anti-infective and antibacterial.

keeps teeth and gums healthy

  • The antibacterial property of their leaves help strengthening and prevention of teeth and gums of various infections.

prevents the formation of season

  • Their high level of availability of vitamin C It causes the immune system strong to fight common problems with seasonal body.

prevents Heart Disorders

  • plum Black contains good amounts of minerals potassium, which it is very beneficial to maintain heart health and prevention of diseases such as hypertension, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

prevents free radicals

  • The darker fruit contains more anthocyanins pigment therefore property has a strong antioxidant that prevents free radicals harmful effects, premature aging and infections.

Benefits Jamun for diabetes

regulates the level of sugar in the blood

  • jamun fruit is very good remedy for people suffering from diabetes because of its anti-diabetic properties that help to maintain the level of blood sugar under control by converting starch sugar and energy.

cures diabetes symptoms and complications

  • plum Black is a fruit low glycemic index, which maintains the level of blood sugar under control and cure diabetes symptoms and the common complications such as excessive thirst, urine, etc.
  • is anyway such as leaves, bark, seeds and fruits are very useful for the treatment of diabetes.

Benefits of Jamun Seed and powder

is used to treat gastric disorders

  • Jamun seeds and powdered bark is useful for treating gastric disorders such as diarrhea, indigestion, dysentery, dyspepsia and etc.

Used to treat problem pimple

  • The application of seed paste in dust and cow’s milk to the face during bed time helps in treating pimples.

cures kidney disorders

  • Eating jamun seed powder with yogurt helps to cure disorders of kidney stones.

regulates the level of blood sugar and stimulates insulin secretion

  • taking jamun seed powder daily basis tid aid in the regulation of blood sugar level and stimulating insulin secretion.

various cures disorders

  • plum Black also cures polyuria, irritable bowel syndrome, bleeding hemorrhoids, fatigue, excessive salivation and etc.

Benefits Jamun Ka Sirka (Black Plum Vinegar)

is used to treat medical conditions

  • vinegar or sirka made from its fruit helps in the treatment of cases, such as enlargement of the spleen, urinary retention, chronic diarrhea, etc.

improves appetite and constipation cures

  • used to increase the level of appetite as well as cure constipation if jamun ka sirka taken with the same amount of water twice a day.

juice benefits Jamun

is used to treat ringworm Problem

  • jamun juice diluted with water helps in treating skin problems like ringworm and etc if applied as a lotion.

Improved body holds

  • prune juice Black helps in removing the weakness, anemia treatment, increasing the level of memory, the treatment of sexual weakness and etc if jamun juice mixture one TSF, honey and amla juice taken regularly in the early morning.

Benefits bark Jamun

Respiratory Cures

  • water Jamun bark (bark boil some water) helps in curing respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis and ulcers in the mouth, sore gums, stomatitis and etc.

Used to treat other problems

  • Used to treat deworming intestinal, urinary disorders and bleeding gums.

relieves pain and inflammation

  • Applying it to the affected part topically it helps relieve pain and inflammation in the body.

Treat leukorrhea

  • Taking bark water jamun with tow times of honey day is very beneficial for the treatment of vaginal discharge in women.

Benefits Jamun / black leaves Plum

maintains the health of the digestive system and the oral cavity

  • Jamun leaves are very beneficial to the health of the digestive system and the oral cavity. It has been used for years as an Ayurvedic medicine to treat problems such as gastric ulcers, diarrhea, etc.

strengthens teeth and gums

  • leaves Black plums are anti-bacterial in nature therefore with dust like a toothpaste regularly helps strengthen teeth and gums, as well as eliminate the problem bad breath.

Nutritional benefits of Plum Black / Jamun per 100 g

(Source: Database USDA Nutrient)

Energy: 62 kcal

Protein: 0.70 g

Water: 84.75 g

dietary fibers: 0.6 g

Fat: 0.23 g

hydrates carbon: 14 g

oxalic acid: 89 mg


Magnesium: 35 mg

Phosphorus 15.6 mg

Calcium: 15 mg

Iron: 0.30 mg


Potassium: 55 mg

Sodium: 26.20 mg


Thiamine (B1): 0.019 mg

Riboflavin (B2): 0.009 mg

niacin (B3): 0.245 mg

Vitamin B6: 0.038 mg

carotene: 48 mg

Vitamin C: 18 mg

folic acid: 3 mg

How to select and store

Buy jamun fresh market in small quantities for it can be finished within two to three days, as they easily fell after a few days. In general, he collected soil when it falls after getting mature or collected directly from the tree when its color to dark blue or purple changes. It is easily available in the market margins of the road or supermarket in the full container during its season from May to July.

Always be careful of the chemicals used to keep it fresh for a long time while shopping. Always buy light jamun looking loose, pulpy fresh ,,, intact skin dark, heavy and good color. Avid buying bruised, stained, cut, creased ,, light weight and small light color jamun market. It can be stored at room temperature for two days however; in the refrigerator (packaged in airtight container after washing well) that it can be stored during the week.

How to enjoy

Jamun or black plum you can enjoy in the number of forms such as fruit salad Gulab ka Sirka, jamun seed powder, leaves, powder, jamun juice, jam, murabba, jellies, pickles, chutney and etc. It can be sprayed with black powder, salt, black pepper, etc according to the taste and requirement of the person.

precautions, side effects and disadvantages

As we all know that everything has its positive and negative aspects to we know that taking care of our health. Some of the side effects, precautions and disadvantages of jamun or black plum are:

  • Jamun seeds, bark and leaves have the property to reduce the level of blood sugar therefore should be borne in diabetic patients, as it can reduce the level of blood sugar at a high level.
  • should be avoided a few days before and after any surgery, as this may decrease the level of blood sugar.
  • There I take care by the person who goes diabetes medications.
  • should avoid eating jamun on an empty stomach and should be taken after meals.
  • Avoid consumption of milk of at least one hour before and after eating jamun.
  • should be avoided by people who regularly suffer from edema or swelling of the body, regular vomiting history and people fast for a long time.
  • Excess consumption should be avoided as it can lead to body aches and fever.

How Black Plum / Jamun for lunch one day

As we are all aware of its aspects both pros and cons, which gives us an accurate estimate amount jamun or black plum should be taken on daily basis. However, regular consumption of it depends on the age, weight and health conditions of the person. There should always be attended while eating jamun as natural things are not always safe and need precautions according to the body’s health. If used by someone as a home remedy on a daily basis, you should consult your doctor or physician about the need.

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