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Benefits of Finger Strengthening Exercises

A weak grip could be a precursor of future disability and premature death. So, next time someone asks you about your health, think twice before showing-off your triceps!

If you are one of those who spare little importance to daily activities and label with disdain acts of opening a medicine bottle, turning the car key in the ignition, buttoning a shirt or even comb her hair as “conditioned reflexes”, think again.

hand strength is measured to determine the extent of damage caused to your body by diseases that are responsible for the loss of muscle strength. Doctors use these tests to evaluate and decide on other rehabilitation measures.

The strength of the hand of an average person generally peaks in the 30s The average grip strength is 120 pounds for men and 75 pounds for women. It is rapidly decreases due to aging.

Overall, this decline is not a cause of real concern, because it just requires 20 pounds of grip strength for most of the above functions. But if you do not pass the test of grip, you may need to be examined to detect nutritional deficiencies, injuries or osteoarthritis.

A rehabilitation program consisting of strengthening exercises hand, also help to develop strength and dexterity in the fingers and hands.

finger strengthening exercises are prescribed in order to strengthen the hands and fingers, increase range of motion and provide pain relief. These exercises improve grip, strength, mobility and ability to grasp items of daily use.

Reasons for a weak grip

Studies show that there is a direct relationship between nutritional status and hand strength. dietary deficiencies often lead to a weaker grip than normal. A weak grip can result in muscle atrophy, osteoarthritis, or age-related and directly affects the health of a person. Research also shows that increasing hand strength with the help of finger strengthening exercises can dramatically improve their quality of life.


Allows you to delve into the causes of the weak fingers:

a. Aging:
weak hand strength may result in the loss of independence of a person. Changes in muscles, joints and bones affect the movement and grip of a person and lead to general weakness and slow movements.

b. Diet and nutrition:
Inconsistencies in the diet and nutrition also lead to impaired movement of the hand and finger coordination. In some cases, muscle atrophy is also responsible for the loss of hand strength.

c. Joint issues:
Joints in our fingers can become rigid and less flexible. This fluid in the joints may decrease, and the cartilage can start to rub together and erode. Calcification can also occur in the joints. These changes affect our finger strength.

benefits of strengthening fingers:

Our fingers play a key role in our daily activities. strengthening exercises fingers improve the overall function of the hand and fingers. But before exercising your fingers, joint heating is required and must be performed at least 10 to 20 times, until your hands feel more flexible.

benefits of Finger Strengthening Exercises finger strengthening Exercises- How are made?

Find some of the best finger strengthening exercises here:

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1. The hammer toe (finger baseball) exercises:

Mallet Finger Strengthening Exercises

passive range finger movement:
carefully bend the injured finger with the other hand. Very gradually try to straighten the finger. Hold each position for at least five seconds. Repeat this exercise to strengthen your fingers 10 times and do it three times a day.

a. making Fist:
treated with care and bent fingers to form a fist. If the affected fingers do not bend, use the best hand to fold. Hold for five to 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.

b. Collection object :.
starts trying to pick up small and light objects, such as pins, marbles, buttons or coins with thumb and finger injured

c. finger extension:
Press plane of the palm on the table side. Keep fingers extended. Gradually try to lift your fingers one at a time and keep as straight as possible. Hold each finger up for five seconds and then put on the ground. Repeat 10 times.

d strengthening grip:
Keep a soft rubber ball in his fist and grip. Hold for five seconds. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

2. Hand and exercise Thera-putty digit:

Hand-and-Digit-Thera-Putty Finger Strengthening Exercises

  • finger hook :. Click the putty with the injured hand and make a hook with fingers
  • full grip :. Try to make a fist and squeeze fingers into putty
  • fingers spread: Make a loop with putty on the end of the finger while still folded. Stretch your finger gently.
  • finger dissemination :. After spreading putty on the fingers and thumb, try to separate
  • finger scissors :. try to squeeze your fingers together after placing a piece of putty (one inch in size) between each pair of fingers
  • pinch finger: roll of putty into a ball and pinch between the thumb and forefinger. Repeat pinch with each finger separately.
  • scissor propagation :. Loop caulk around two fingers and try to separate
  • extension of thumb: Loop caulk at the end of the thumb while bending. Try to straighten the thumb pulling it up.
  • press thumb :. Push your thumb on the putty while moving towards the little finger
  • thumb adduction Press putty thumb against the side of the index finger. Keep your fingers and the right thumb.
  • pinch thumb reinforcement :. Tighten putty between the thumb and the side of
  • finger

  • three chuck jaws pinch: Pull the putty using the thumb, index and middle finger

3. trigger finger exercises:

Trigger Finger Strengthening Exercises

finger abduction one:
This exercise trigger finger can be done as follows: Place the injured finger next to a normal finger. Gently press two fingers with the thumb and index finger of the normal hand. Push them further and try to separate.

Finger kidnapping Two:
injured finger as separate as possible from the nearest normal finger, two fingers until they form a “V”. Push the two fingers against the other fingers with the index finger and thumb of the other hand. Press two fingers slightly and closer.

stretch finger extension:
Place of palm with injured finger on the solid surface. Keep the injured finger with the other hand. Raise injured finger leaving the remaining fingers flat on the surface. Continue lifting until the finger is stretched slightly. Hold for five seconds and then left. Repeat as necessary.

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Place of palm with injured finger on a flat surface and fingers they spread as far as possible. Hold for five seconds. Join fingers together. Bent backward, then forward, hold for five seconds. Position thumb upright and push the thumb back to stretch the joints. Hold for five seconds. Repeat the stretch until your hand is completely relaxed.

slip tendon
Spread fingers and slowly bend to touch the palm. Start by touching the top of the palm; disseminate and lower half; then she spreads and move down. Repeat the exercise, take a break if you feel pain. Immerse hand in warm water to relieve the stiffness.

finger exercises Guitar
Most guitarists have immense faith in its truth talent.The is that no matter how well you play, it is essential to heat and perform some exercises fingers guitar before each performance. These finger exercises take only five minutes, but play an important role in improving the performance of a guitar player.

finger strengthening exercises without guitar:

Finger Strengthening Exercises with-out-guiter

  • Use edge of the table / desk to stretch each finger.
  • place the tip of each finger on the edge of the desk / table.
  • Keep fingers and in line with the top surface.
  • Slowly push down to bend the finger back and feel that stretch.
  • repeat the process on the surface of the wall.
  • stretch all fingers together, push them back with the palm of the other hand.
  • Clench hand in a clenched fist, increase the pressure. Ensure gradual tightening.
  • Avoid sudden movements. Tighten and loosen the fist 10 times.
  • finger strengthening exercises with guitar:
  • Create a “V” between two fingers, accommodating the neck of a guitar between them and pushing fingers wide apart.
  • Push gently against his neck to stretch your fingers.
  • Repeat with each finger match for two minutes.

How do these exercises to strengthen your fingers?

No matter what profession you belong to, in order to excel in any activity that requires your hands and fingers. Finger strengthening exercises that are designed to work on strengthening the hand and finger, improve strength, dexterity and flexibility of hands and fingers. These also help relax the muscles of the hand and fingers. These exercises improve circulation and joint mobility. In case of injury, these exercises hand strength accelerate the healing process and help a person to regain lost muscle strength.

Our hands and fingers are the most abused parts of our body and our daily activities can often cause injury or fatigue, not only for our hands, but our entire body. The good news is that the right hand strengthening exercises can easily help solve this problem.

Essentially, a firm handshake is not only a symbol of strength and determination, which helps in determining both physical and psychological well as strength. So keep strong fingers to live a long, healthy and pain free life!

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