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Benefits of Eating Strawberries

Benefits of Eating Strawberries

No person in the world who do not enjoy eating strawberries. This fruit comes from the family called Rosacea. No fruit is more delicious than this, but not only that, it is also very versatile: you can cook as much or eat it raw. No matter how you decide to get the benefits of consuming nutrients.

Strawberries are good for cardiovascular health

One of the most common diseases of the modern age are cardiovascular diseases. They are also the murderers number one by many investigations. The good news is that now you can lower the risk of this disease by eating strawberries regularly.

One of the constituents of strawberries is ellagic acid which helps in controlling LDL (bad cholesterol). This cholesterol can accumulate plague that blood`s via narrows and at the same time increases the share of developing arterial thrombosis or cloth.

Incredibly but vitamin C can be found up to 110%, which is the recommended dose vitamin on a daily basis. Vitamin C is responsible for the synthesis of collagen and strengthening blood vessels and arteries. Another constituent of this fruit is potassium. With this electrolyte balances. This improves heart health and allows it to function normally lowers blood pressure more.

With all these properties of the fruit will not have problems with inflammation.

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Strawberries stay young

Being in a big way to the cellular level is essential if you want to stay healthy. What happens is that the cells are dynamic and constantly changing, they also die and are renewed, which is more than can multiply rapidly (cancer cells are a typical example of this).

Free radicals are the main cause cellular damage. It is true that you can not control this process in its entirety, but can develop free radicals through pollution or prolonged sun exposure. And you can reduce the bad effects of this consuming fruits that are rich in antioxidants. Typical examples of such fruits are strawberries. Nola says it will increase its level of antioxidants in less than 30 minutes after consumption of this tasty fruit.

Strawberries can control or prevent diabetes

Maybe you do not know, but strawberries have very low blood sugar. Some data show that they have a lower level among fruits. People who have problems with diabetes can consume as it regulates sugar spikes. Therefore replace the artificial sugar or table with strawberries.

source: stethnews.com

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