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Benefits of Diamond Facials for Skin

Your skin loves everything that is natural, so a lot of treatments skin care include the goodness of natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, natural oils and clay. These are often included in regular facials you get done in the classroom.

Diamond is also a natural substance, and is the hardest element found in nature. So you can imagine a relationship between diamonds and skin care ?!


If you thought that diamonds are restricted to jewelry when it comes to women, you’re in for a surprise! Welcome to the world of diamond facials. While the range of different types of facial treatments is increasing, facial diamond is a new and effective variant that has taken the industry by storm facial
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What is a diamond facial?

A diamond facial is a non-surgical, non-invasive and painless treatment of the skin using microdermabrasion peeling skin to reveal softer, bright and youthful skin . Like all facials are excellent for the skin of the face, making Impeccable at its best, facials diamond is one of the facials high-end using vapor diamond crystals to resurface the skin to leave bright and shiny.

Benefits of Facials Diamond

  • Although most preferable for aging and sensitive skin, diamond peel facial is suitable for all skin types because it can be customized according to different skin types.
  • upper skin tone by removing uneven skin color, blemishes, age spots, acne marks and distress caused by sun exposure.
  • is a great way to counteract the effects of aging as it helps slow the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lifts the skin, smoothes and prevents sagging.
  • A large alleviant for dry skin.
  • hides the visualization of large open pores.
  • Diamond powder is known for its detoxifying properties and therefore protects the skin from pollutants.
  • Nature Peeling facial scales of the upper layer of the skin, while removing dead skin cells to leave a soft and fresh skin.
  • The peeling action also helps to activate the collagen under the skin to lead to skin firmer and youthful appearance.
  • The exfoliating action of the diamond crystals crushed helps in stimulating the skin and thus, helps blood circulation, which in itself acts on the impulse of shine and skin glow .
  • improves skin texture and leaves you with a feeling of younger and extremely soft.

Such are the benefits of diamond facials. Let’s look in more detail how it is done …

How does a diamond facial Made?

While conventional facial treatments are performed by qualified professionals, using his hands, his nimble fingers working magic products in the skin through a lot of massaging; facial diamond are carried out with a slight difference.

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the many benefits of diamond facials are the result of fact that are carried out by a machine, which has a tube-shaped wand attached to it. The end of the wand contains diamond chip holding soft microdermabrasion. The tip of the wand is rounded and contains diamond dust, that gently shakes away the epidermal layer of the skin.

While the diamond tip multigrade wand performs the cleaning action, the wand also creates a vacuum effect which sucks the shed skin. This suction system also ensures that no particles either diamond dust or detached skin are inhaled or ingested by the patient or beautician.

While many leaders for skin care brands have come out with their versions of facial diamonds, such as the nature of, Shahnaz Husain, VLCC, kits etc.; making a diamond facial at home does not necessarily produce the same results that you get in a professional salon. All the benefits of facials diamonds can only be exploited when performed by a professional with the help of the wand as the machine, which makes all the difference.

These Do-it-yourself (DIY) to home facial kits usually contain cleaning diamond lotion / cream, detox diamond / lotion, scrub diamond, massage gel diamond mask diamond, diamond serum, cream diamond polish, massage diamonds nutritious and similar gel. However, the essential difference lies in the rod machine, which works on the skin, which shows the desired effect of facial diamond.

Diamond peel facial is performed over a course of a few sessions, six to 10 with intervals of two to three weeks. You will start to see the difference after two or three sessions, but it is important to continue and complete the full course to maintain the condition of your skin.

Things to consider when going for facials diamond:

A few points to consider when getting a facial made diamond are:

  • The diamond facial peel is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • diamond facials are best suited for people with sensitive or mature skin.
  • Never opt for a facial diamond if you have blackheads and acne skin since it will lead to hemorrhage resulting in scarring. It will also be very painful and aggravate the existing condition.
  • massage the face with ice cubes later.
  • Do not expose your face to sunlight.
  • Do not use any makeup and cosmetics for at least 24 hours after receiving the facial done.
  • If bleach is used, be sure to use face before and never after.
  • is very important to ensure that the tools used during the facial diamond are well disinfected and free of bacteria and germs.
  • Machines that are not properly disinfected may contain bacteria that are transferred to the skin, resulting in break points, rashes and diseases such post-facial skin.
  • Make sure the esthetician hygiene maintained throughout the procedure and takes disinfected or a pair of gloves while handling the skin. Also, do a thorough research before choosing the clinic / salon where you want to get the skin of the face made diamond as unskilled beauticians can cause serious skin lesions, resulting in permanent scarring.
  • If you have pigmented or blemished skin, you are asked to go through several sessions over extended periods of time to be completely healed defects.
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Disadvantages of facial diamond:

Despite all the benefits of facials diamond, here are some drawbacks that you should consider before venturing to go for the facial diamond:

  • As the facial skin involves diamond abrasive action, experience a mild pain during the process.
  • The face gets red, mottled and would remain so for at least the first 24 hours.
  • Because the cleaning action, your skin may feel irritated for some time, which lasts a few hours after the facial.
  • Lack of hydration facial publish the diamond can lead to dry skin and not the desired shell diamond facial effects will be obtained.
  • Getting diamond facial peel on a regular basis can make the skin more sensitive and thinner.

facial peel diamonds are definitely expensive, since they are one of the most popular choices and favorite Hollywood celebrities and international models. Diamond facial peel can cost between 1,500 rupees to Rs.15, 000 in India.

Maintaining a care regimen integral skin including daily use of sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, and other high quality products will protect your skin and keep intact the effects of facial diamond for a longer.

glowing skin is no longer a secret and restricted to celebrities and models. You can dazzle like a star literally with diamond peel facials!

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