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Benefits of Cold Showers – A Freezing Shower for Your Health


There is nothing worse than someone pull the chain while you’re in the middle of a shower, and some jokes can be compared with a bucket of cold water being thrown at you while you relax in the heat of a steaming hot shower. But you have to take a cold shower actually know you can do good? hydrotherapy cold water is actually used in many spas and clinics, and you can find there are many benefits of cold showers:

boosts your immune system

Take a cold shower it is a great way to improve your immune system. Strange as it may seem, take a cold shower actually help your body make more white blood cells – the cells responsible for protecting your body from invading pathogens. The cold shower is thought to stimulate metabolic rate because your body is trying to get warm under the deluge of cold water. This causes the immune system is activated, releases a large amount of lymphocytes – the white blood cells responsible for removing toxins, viruses and bacteria – and monocytes -. The cells responsible for surround and consumption of pathogens that invade your body

regulates body temperature

When you take a cold shower, your body has no choice but to raise the internal thermostat just to keep warm. This results thermogenesis, that is the internal heat generation body. Your body heat will remain appeared for a time, and can prevent you from being cold taking a cold shower and again.

improves circulation

The cold water running over your body causes blood vessels in your body to constrict, called “vasoconstriction”. This hardening can help reduce the pressure in the blood vessels, since there is less space for blood to flow and thus improving circulation. His blood will flow much faster while taking a shower of cold water, and flow throughout its more efficient due to constriction of blood vessels body. Improved circulation is one of the keys to improving health in general, so take a cold shower can help keep muscles working, your heart cholesterol free, low blood pressure, and skin varicosa- free vein.

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helps you lose weight

often have been recommended

Cold to help promote weight loss showers, as they help the body to burn brown fat. brown fats are used by the body to produce internal heat, and taking a cold shower will promote the production of more of this fat rather than white fat that is inactive and harder for your body to burn. The brown fat in your body, burn fat every second. In addition to brown fat is burned, your metabolism must be put in place to keep warm. Increasing your metabolism will result in burning natural fat and weight loss, so it’s a good idea to take a cold shower after training to ensure that you burn fat as much as possible.

fights depression

This is a very interesting benefit of a cold shower, and it is one that many people find useful. You know how you feel warm and cozy after leaving a shower of cold water and wrap with ease in his clothes? This is because the cold water stimulates the brain to produce noradrenaline. This is one of the chemicals in your body that help fight depression, so take a cold shower can make you feel much better.

Improves hair and skin Health

The hot water is known to be bad for the skin and hair, since it makes it they can be dried with heat. The cold water will make your hair look more silky and much brighter, and improve the appearance of your skin as well. This is because cold water causes pores and cuticles in the scalp and skin to constrict, preventing them from being clogged and cause acne. It also helps detoxify the skin, makes your hair stronger, dirt buildup on the scalp stops, and hair loss slows down.

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increases energy levels

Take a cold shower after training can actually help restore a large amount of energy you recorded during your workout. A cold shower will make your heart pumping and the blood flowing, which will increase your energy levels after showering. The cold shower can help get your body moving again, which can be great if you are trying to shake the feeling of lethargy that grabs after a strenuous workout or a long day and stressful work. Cold showers, have even been known to reduce stress.

If you’re going to take a cold shower to keep these things in mind:

  • Transition slowly from hot to cold to cold, and not just jump into the cold shower.
  • Ensure that the deep tissue and bone are hot before turning on the cold water.
  • shower with cold water for no more than 1 minute

Source: Healthambition.com

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