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Benefits of Christian Meditation

Meditation is fast becoming a way of life for some of us who want to live a high quality life. This is because meditation helps fight negativity, paralyzing stress and disease. Other benefits of meditation include thought, high performance and increased confidence levels channeled.

Benefits-Of-Christian-Meditation-christian-meditation Meditation is an ancient practice dating back to the V or VI century BC. Different religions have adopted different methods of meditation and each approach varies from the other. But the goal and the result of each is the same -. To make your life better

The correct way to meditate:
Remember how meditation is done properly. In order to relax the mind, one has to acquire a posture that relax the body first. Then one has to converge their thought process in a particular context.

In some forms of meditation, we must stop the thought process completely in order to reflect on their inner selves.
Meditation, however, does not require mind-numbing, but it tends to pause in the relentless series of thoughts in your mind. When the mind is calm, then and only then, you can become aware of the events of the soul.

Benefits of Meditation

a. Calms the mind:
Meditation teaches your mind to become stable. This allows your mind to think clearly and to come up with innovative ideas. A person becomes emotionally strong through the practice of meditation. This is a must for a person to part with the events of the world for a while, and focus on inside. This will help in the awakening of the senses of a person and help in becoming a better person.

b. Stress relief:
It is well known that meditation lightens our mood and frees us from stress done. How? As noted above, meditation helps your mind relax and think beyond the limitations. Accordingly, you will be able to find better solutions to their problems.

This surely will lower stress levels and help you stay cool and free of tension. A myriad of health benefits: Meditation has an important impact on health and helped get rid of diseases. It also helps in:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing muscle and joint pain
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Amplification force of will
  • the reduction of the compound causes anxiety, blood lactate.

What is Christian meditation?

Christian meditation as the term suggests, is a form of meditation that has derived its inspiration from ‘Christ’. In this particular form of meditation, one tries to reflect on the generous work of Christ.

You try to relate their life situations they face by Christ in his own life. You try to follow the footsteps of Christ, following the same, or similar course of action performed by Jesus, in like circumstances.

For the Christian meditation, one has to go through the Bible. One has to read between the lines of the Holy Book, in order to understand the deeper meaning associated with its contents. The more we are closer to the preaching of hosts, the better our lives become, this is the central tenet of Christian meditation.

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practice of Christian meditation was classified as Eucharistic meditation. rosary meditations were also adapted as part of Christian meditation, which is devotion to the Rosary, the garland of roses.


today is an important promoter of depression, stress, fear, anxiety and complexity. Why? hectic schedules are moving away from our old traditional values. This is causing a serious disconnect with our roots and culture as well as the erosion of our social support systems. The result is that the generation “Y” is very self-centered. So you have to stop, meditate on the teachings of Christ, adapt them in our own lives and make our relations worthy of love and compassion.

Let’s now learn how to do the Christian meditation. But before that you have to know in brief about meditation techniques followed in Christian meditation. The name of the technique is lectio divina and consists of four phases :. Read, meditate and contemplate Ore

1. Read:
Scripture or biblical references that contain information about Christ are read slowly once, or it may be several times in order to firmly secure the passages. This activity is generally carried out in silence and personifies Christ. Also at this stage, readers apply the spirit of the Almighty to come to enlighten.

During this phase a priest can guide the beginner in the field of Christian meditation. Before a person begins reading pious writings, the priest may he or she about their goals in life and relationships with other living beings in doubt.

2. Meditate:
After reading the passage, the role of the mind comes into the picture. But before giving a sense of the lines read in the previous phase, one has to have the mind even for a while. When the mind is calm and serene, or rather blank; then one is rehearsing in his mind what he or she has read. You have to enjoy a careful analysis of the passage.

Different people can connect different notions one step.

meditating properly bring one closer to God. This is the purest union! In addition, one has to review their own faults, and make a resolution not to repeat them. You can also promise to God that he or she will help other human companions, in moments of agony.

3. Pray:
This phase begins with praise of Christ, his pain and suffering and his great works in test situations. Now, it is possible to enter an intimate conversation with Christ. Most people shake hands in reverence while communicating with Christ. After thanking God, you can make your life aspirations before God.

4. Contemplate:
Words are no longer necessary when one reaches this final stage of Christian meditation. One just feels speechless and expresses his love for God and vice versa. For some, contemplation is a beautiful journey that leads to an encounter with the Almighty. When one looks for a long time, he or she will feel eternal satisfaction.

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5. Benefits of Christian meditation:
Christian meditation benefits are felt automatically just within a few days of practice. The favorable aspects of Christian meditation are:

  • biological brain improvement:
    Yes, Christian meditation is known to enhance the power of memorizing your brain by magnifying the size of the hippocampus. The size of the tension of the promotion, amydala has been known to reduce the size of people practicing Christian meditation. Such are the benefits of Christian meditation.
  • Reduce temptations:
    Every day we encounter many temptations such as money, greed, mean motives and desires. Meditation helps us to curb our desire and the value of the most important things in life, like emotions and morality.
  • Eradication pessimistic thoughts:
    If you train your mind to meditate on the good things of life, then how can the negative thoughts find their way into one’s mind ? A clear conscience is a center of optimistic thinking.
  • Sets confidence :.
    The absence of wrongdoings fetch good results for all your actions, thus increasing their confidence and make them more successful than before
  • Better health:
    This is undoubtedly an exquisite benefit of Christian meditation. Levels of stress and anxiety are minimized to the greatest extent by the practice of Christian meditation. And this is the key to good health.

The benefits of Christian meditation are unique and is one of the best stress busters in the genre of meditations. Here are some other forms of meditations are listed and how they differ from Christian meditation:

1. Buddhist and oriental meditations:
These emphasize abstaining thought processes for the period for which you are performing meditation. But the benefits of Christian meditation aim to meet the mind with the lessons learned from the life of Christ.

2. Taoist meditations or Taoists:
These aim to achieve wisdom through means of meditation. But Christian meditation aims to achieve high thinking for an individual through the remembrance of God.

3. Meditations as part of Hinduism:
In “Hindu” meditations, one sits on a mat made of “dharba” or grass “Kush”. One practices meditation in an isolated place and concentrate hard to stop thinking about worldly affairs. Basically “Hindu” meditation aims to make a person familiar with this God within himself, unlike Christian meditation, which is connected to Christ.

4. Meditations in Islam:
These also emphasize introspection. According to Islamic philosophy meditation, a person feels pain free and begin the journey toward a glorious life. Christian meditation seeks inspiration of the divine.

5. Jain meditation:
These try not to take materialistic comforts and emotional ties. According to the concept of Jain meditation, one should meditate, undergo self-realization, show little inclination to world events, and establish free spirit. Christian meditation aims improving personal relationships.

Therefore, joining a group of Christian meditation, deepen ties with Christ and reap the many benefits of Christian meditation. We assure you will not regret!



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