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Benefits of Camel Milk: Low Allergen Alternative to Dairy

The benefits of camel milk for allergies autoimmune disease autism and diabetes


Several weeks my husband, my baby and I were at a conference, and during one of the breaks, I realized that they had camel milk as one of the refreshments on hand (along with water, coffee, kombucha, and snacks paleo ).

I was a little surprised, since I can count on one hand the number of real camels I have seen in my life (only in the zoo), and the idea of ​​drinking camel milk had never gone through head before seeing the bottles had in the refreshment stand that day.

So of course I had to investigate to find out about potential health benefits. And what I discovered is very interesting!

Camel milk is unique in its potential to help with allergies and autism, to mitigate the autoimmune disease and diabetes and heart and immune health. It has even been used worldwide as a supplement breast milk !

sound crazy?

I thought the same, but it turns out that milk a camel is a completely different (pun intended) animal milk a cow or a goat

here is why :.

cows, goats and other animals are similar to hoofed animals. Camels have fingers (only two, made of a single bone) and its structure of the foot and milk proteins are radically different from milk from hoofed animals.

To make things a little more confusing, camels chew the cud but are not considered ruminants. As unique as the camels are, their milk is even more.

What makes different Camel Milk?

I started researching this and was absolutely fascinated by research on camel milk and how it differs from other types of milk.

protein structure

On the one hand, camel milk does not contain the same proteins that people are often allergic to cow’s milk. A1 contains casein and lactoglobulin and is generally well tolerated by people with allergies to dairy products.

Gram for gram, which is about the same amount of protein and carbohydrates as regular milk cows, but the blood sugar affects differently.

fat content

This is an area in camel and cow’s milk are very different. Camels produce milk that is naturally low in fat (only 2-3%).

Also unlike cow’s milk, fats produced by camels in their milk are completely homogenized naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids. This means that camel milk can be frozen and thawed without changing the consistency. Also, do not curdle or clot as cow’s milk.

unique properties

  • camels produce a very unique milk that has some rare beneficial properties. On the one hand, which is rich in immunoglobulins powerful, potent immunostimulatory substances. Immunoglobulins in camel milk are smaller than human immunoglobulins and can more easily pass into the tissues of the body.
  • Researchers still do not fully understand why, but these tiny immunoglobulins may be the reason for the popularity of camel milk to help reduce problems such as autoimmune diseases, allergies and even autism.
  • This milk is also high in insulin, which improves its absorption and makes it suitable for diabetics.
  • research has also found protective proteins in camel milk can be antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial.
  • although it is not a spectacular fountain, it also contains more iron and vitamin C than cow’s milk.

as well as in human breast milk

Camel milk is nutritionally similar to human breast milk to regular cow’s milk. For this reason, it has been used worldwide as a supplement or replacement for breast milk in cases when the mother could not nurse or baby needs more milk.

Better Environment

Consider the natural habitat of the camels. Survive with relatively little water and plant life over long periods of time. For this reason, they need much less camels grazing area and can produce milk with less environmental impact.

long history of use

While the idea of ​​drinking camel milk may seem strange to those of us who grew up in the west, cultures around the world have used for thousands of years .

camels are important for various crops, especially in the Middle East, for its ability to survive and even travel long distances with very little water. Camels can thrive even in areas where horses and cows would struggle to survive at all.

Benefits of camel milk

These unique properties make their beneficial camel milk to humans in several ways. In the research, I was surprised by the initial studies and anecdotal reports from people who had seen near miraculous recoveries with camel milk.

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Help for diabetes

Studies show that camel milk can be very beneficial for people with diabetes. Unlike other types of milk, should not cause an increase in blood sugar, but the benefits extend beyond that. In fact, some researchers are even using this milk to reduce the amount of insulin needed:

Camel milk has been shown, said lead review author Dr. Uma S Dubey, the campus of BITS Pilani Rajasthan, to be effective in reducing the level of glycated hemoglobin or glycosylated blood. This is hemoglobin to which glucose is bound, and is typically found in high levels in people with diabetes. Therefore, camel milk can be used to reduce the dosage of insulin requiring diabetes patients.

The same review article , published in States Journal of Food and Agriculture entitled therapeutic potential of camel milk, by researchers India Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani of notes that there are also much lower rates of diabetes in areas where camel milk is a staple.

Another study in 2005 looked outside India camel milk and its effects on type 1 diabetes This study found that regular consumption of camel milk reduces the amount of insulin needed and improve control blood sugar long term.

Boost immune

camel milk contains many of the same protective immune substances such as human milk. It can be an effective complement to breast milk for this reason.

containing high levels of immunoglobulin A and beneficial enzymes such as lysozyme and lactoperoxidase, which are useful for the body to fight infection.

Alleviate allergies

Perhaps the most significant potential benefit of this unique milk is its effect on people with allergies.

Not only is considered a good milk alternative for allergy sufferers, but there is some research indicating that it can actually help reverse allergies.

surprised? He was too:

As I mentioned, this milk lacks casein and lactoglobulin A1 present in cow’s milk that often cause allergic reactions. There have also been studies showing that camel milk can even reduce allergies because their immune benefits.

Indeed, a study in 2005 in Journal of the Medical Association of Israel investigated the effects of camel milk in children with severe allergies They do not respond to other treatments. Researchers had these children consume camel milk under the care of her medical team. the results were even more striking than expected were observed.

Surprisingly, all children recovered from their allergies according to the study reports. Further studies are needed, but researchers of this study states that camel milk was more effective than medical treatment in those particular cases without observed side effects.

This shows enormous potential as a hope for those struggling with life-threatening allergies.

heart and blood Health

monounsaturated fats present in camel milk (especially oleic acid) is to give some of the same benefits as olive oil. A2 beta casein also contains, which is different from the A1 casein in cow’s milk majority. (Casein A2 is present in goat milk as well, which is why some people who can not handle dairy cow can handle based products goat.)

The beta casein A2 in camel milk they may be partially responsible for the heart and immune protective effects. From Live Science

A1 beta casein is broken down into an opioid peptide called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). BCM-7 has been shown to suppress the immune system, causing inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and contribute to the formation of arterial plague, according to Lori Chong, a registered dietitian at the University of Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. . “It has been implicated in the development of type 1 diabetes -. Probably related to their immune suppression and its role in inflammation of the GI tract”

Other research indicates that the profile of single fatty acids camel milk is more beneficial for the heart and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Connection autism

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence and stories of people who have used camel milk in cases of autism.

This article delves into the possible ways that camel dairy products can help against autism . In short, some researchers believe that autism is similar to autoimmune disease in which the body attacks its own healthy cells.

Whatever the cause, there are many stories of recovery and whole groups dedicated to online use.

“Dr. Jodie Dashore, a mother and a doctor, heard about Dr. Dietrich milk Klinghardt, a neurobiologist of great prestige that autism your child is Brian. In 2011, when Brian began consuming camel milk, their motor tics initially made three or four times worse, a “healing crisis,” says Dashore, since milk killed harmful bacteria. But after two weeks, began to decline. milk also seemed to clarify a number of other diseases Brian hives to mobility difficulties, caused by an autoimmune disorder (the majority of patients with autism have other concurrent diseases according to the US Centers for disease Control and disease Prevention ). it also eased digestive pains Brian and helped him gain weight, common problems in autistic children.

Other reports are equally surprising. a 2005 study in the International Journal of Human Development observed autistic patients who started drinking camel milk instead of milk and found cows:

  • a 4 year old girl noticed a complete disappearance of symptoms of autism in 40 days
  • a 15-year-old realized recovery after only one month
  • several other patients were significantly better after just two weeks
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of course, much more research is needed to understand how the camel dairy products can help with autism, but the initial evidence is certainly encouraging.

Help autoimmune disease

As mentioned, some researchers believe that autism is similar to autoimmune disease. This connection may also be why some people have seen an improvement of autoimmunity with camel milk.

it is generally understood that the autoimmune disease is a scenario in which the immune system mistakenly attacks part of the body, thinking that healthy cells are foreign or harmful antigens. Conventional treatments for autoimmune diseases often include immunosuppressive drugs have significant side effects.

Camel dairy products, by contrast, contains those powerful but small immunoglobulins that can penetrate cells and help improve the immune system, while targeting only harmful antigens.

indeed, Dr. Reuven Yagil, a professor of physiology Israel is considered an expert in camel milk and its benefits, explains that in his research he has seen patients control or even reverse autoimmune disease with camel milk.

on a personal note, that was how I found the research on the benefits of camel milk and I am personally trying to my own Hashimoto (I will update with results).

Risks and dangers of camel milk?

often, something that seems too good to be true it really is. In this case, however, I am to find the downside. As I said, more research is needed, but could not find any disadvantages of this unusual drink milk.

In fact, I have not found any case of allergic reactions or harmful side effects. In my limited personal tests I have not noticed any negative effects, although they often react to regulate dairy products.

The only drawback, unfortunately, is the price. As you can imagine, camel dairies are not very popular in this part of the world, and limited access means a higher cost.

Where to get Camel Milk

can not be found in camel milk the dairy aisle in a regular grocery store. Some food stores are starting to carry it, but it can be difficult to find a good source.

From this milk is not a hoofed animal, which is not regulated by the same laws, and is available online and can be delivered in many places.

the source (and less expensive) I have found for camel milk is the brand Desert Farms is available for shipment to anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. In fact, after researching camel milk and where to buy, I negotiated a discount of 15% of them (code: MAMACAMEL) and personally I’m trying this for my own autoimmune disease. A friend is also testing for your child with severe allergies.

What do you know?

I found the nearest milk cow milk alternative I’ve tried taste. It is a little sweeter, but not too strong as land or goat milk flavored herb.


My kids liked it, even those who do not prefer coconut or almond milk.

Camel milk: baseline

This “new” milk for us in the Western world has been used for thousands of years in other parts of the world. Camels are unique animals and even more unique milk that may have benefits for diabetics, autistic patients, those with autoimmune diseases and immune health.

was also unable to find any negative side effects of camel milk (other than price) and I am ready to become my own guinea pig to test their benefits (or lack thereof).

Your turn! Have you ever heard of camel milk? Asco or intrigued?

Benefits of Camel Milk

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