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Benefits of Avocado : Present Age Powerfruit

The great work of the master of God for us humans is nature. Winning the goodness of the wide variety available, we often tend to forget the humble and modest avocado. world today goes completely crazy with the amazing benefits this wonder avocado fruit . Often cited as the “alligator pear”, the avocado has become the new love in the world of cosmetics today. Here is a detailed list of how you can get the most benefits of avocado.

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Benefits of Avocado

Let’s see the detailed view of the benefits of the wonder fruit avocado!

avocado nutrition for general health

hectic schedules and lack of time for exercise has led to a drastic change in attitude of everyone to good health. The increased use of processed foods and frozen foods, along with scrap (first love of young people and children!) Each age group requires nutritional and energy providing foods today .

avocado comes packed with natural Vitamins K, C, E, B5 and B6 . Avocados come as a very useful for dieters because it is high in fiber and low carbohydrate food. The avocado benefits regular and healthy bowel cleansing by feeding the good bacteria with their fiber. Avocados are rich in potassium and thus help in the generation of new cells in the body thereby helping in strengthening the immune system. This in turn helps fight infections.

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Benefits avocado: Boon for pregnancy

the benefits of avocado go a long way in providing nutrition, care and essential for fetal growth newly developed nutrition and He newborn through breast milk a baby. Which is loaded with vitamin C and B6 which helps the development of brain tissue the baby and relieves nausea of ​​pregnancy for the mother as well.

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avocado seed – The unsung hero

The part often expelled from avocado is avocado seed. 65-70% of the amino acid is avocado seed itself. In ancient times, the avocado seed is used as ink to write, but today when used topically-

  • helps relieve arthritis and joint pains
  • acts as a defense against microbes and fights, fungi and bacteria in skin diseases
  • as a body mask helps revitalize fatigue and stress

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avocado oil – Own the cardiologist Nature

avocado oil is the latest discovery. Studies have also shown that eating avocados helps keep away heart beats, inflammation and helps in maintaining good blood pressure reading. Avocados benefit from eating the heart of a major way by –

  • Significantly decreased levels of cholesterol
  • Decreased blood triglycerides
  • increased HDL ( “good cholesterol”)

avocado skin benefits

time swiping enriching avocado- bar lips !

Ladies! It’s time to hit the counter lipstick on your next shopping trip! Avocado oil is one of those ingredients that has become the latest must have for all fashion products. Chapped lips and dry? Take the Lip balm avocado oil and get the pucker gently back!

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Back to the fun part of the city and you realize that are out of balance your makeup remover? Chill! Grab that avocado which sluggishly in the fruit basket! Take a piece of this fruit and stain all over her face. Is the slippery texture will certainly be of great help to get rid of that stubborn mascara off the lashes without damaging them!

Avocado oil is an ideal moisturizer for smooth skin as soft and flexible baby! Your skin will shout out a big thank you!

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Finally, the secret of the beauty of that flawless skin is revealed! beauty queens as Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham swear by this secret DIY avocado mask! The vibrant color of this mask can make u look like the Hulk for some time! Agree! But it’s totally worth it!

Here is the recipe large avocado mask:

  • Get your hands on a good ripe avocado. Wash and peel.
  • get the whole mass of ripe avocado place in a bowl.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey and mash the pulp and mix well.
  • Now apply this paste evenly over entire face and sit and relax for 15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. Dry and enjoy the glow of glamor in your skin!

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avocado shampoos to avocado oil enriched hair masks! You have it all! latest market trend makeup – Avocado oil is being used extensively aromatherapy hair masks that give those long, shiny locks. Give your dry, itchy scalp a good relaxing massage with warm water Avocado oil.

The avocado is a fruit butter, creamy texture is so its flesh is very useful to keep frizzy and unmanageable hair lost in the place and manner. Avocado oil together with jojoba oil and almond oil works wonders for a long, shiny hair.

The wide range of avocado benefits no end! Head to toe The avocado is beneficial and advantageous in every way! So friends! Let’s make the best of this ancient fruit! Our ancestors have harvested their profits and it is time we do!

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