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Being Pregnant At Work

Pregnancy is such a great project for a woman she is physically connected, emotionally, mentally, socially and economically. A woman has to follow all the advice, tips and precautions to successfully complete the term. However, being pregnant for a working woman becomes a challenge. She does constantly juggling between this inner work and outer in his office. Moreover, she is obliged to take care of both with the same dedication.

A pregnant woman faces challenges to work more than a not work. However, if you do not know how to handle it, you can become quite risky. In pregnancy, it must remain a priority. You need to take very good care of yourself is sometimes compromised when working.

Therefore, we are here to tell you that everything must be done to handle both large and difficult positions work with similar efficiencies.

But before that, let’s answer some of the questions that bother.

How long can I keep working after becoming pregnant

You are not legally obligated to continue or interrupt their work during pregnancy. While you are feeling normal, safe and healthy, you can keep working. An employer has the right to take her maternity leave immediately if you are going through any complications. However, it would be advisable to opt for maternity leave at least 2-3 weeks before your due date so you can take proper rest, make arrangements to receive the baby and could prevent any emergency situation at work.

Do not take much to inform your employer about your pregnancy so that you can review potential risks in the workplace to ensure complete safety of you and your baby.

is traveling safe work?

There are no problems in traveling during pregnancy until you are being cautious. If it is a public transport must be protected from infection as it will be in contact with many people. Try to avoid the crowds on buses or public places to avoid any dizziness. Also, you have to be careful when traveling on rough roads as their small not accept juggling a lot.

The best time to travel is the second half, as it has less problems with pregnancy. Try to take the help of someone in the first and third semester. Always carry medical records, emergency contacts and medical insurance to help in any emergency.

While at work, you can come across many challenges and difficulties that can take a toll. However, it is you who need to manage work and pregnancy more easily and smoothly, so that none of them can be affected.

What are the common risks for a pregnant woman working?

The biggest advice to a pregnant woman is to get enough rest to which a working woman is the most private of. Long hours of work that lacks the requisite rest that leads to exhaustion, irritation, mood swings, fatigue, fears and emotional concerns.

job that requires sitting at the computer for long hours can aggravate the problem of leg cramps, bloating and heartburn. In addition, many hours visual contact with the computer can be harmful to you and your baby.

The long hours standing at work can lead to chronic exhaustion. This will also put unwanted pressure on your uterus.

Exposure to harmful and toxic substances can affect the normal growth of the baby.

repeated bending, often taking the stairs, always traveling, lifting or carrying heavy loads may be the likely causes of birth or Miscarriage Preterm.

twice made !! Learning to manage

Safety is the first : The first priority for a pregnant woman while at work is to be sure. If the job requires no strenuous work, you must make it known to the employer so that he can reassign the safest situation.

If it is quite physically demanding, try to get some exemption regarding projects and working hours. Avoid contact with certain chemicals, solvents, gases and radiation or other toxic or hazardous substances. You should also avoid heavy lifting, bending, stooping and climbing too.

Discuss this with your midwife so he / she can provide sufficient safety equipment and precautions.

Health Management : Sitting or standing for long hours at the computer will not give you the rest you deserve to be pregnant. However, you may follow some tips to meet the challenges

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that do not bother him all day.
  • Adopting a healthy sitting posture and sit straight as you can. Elevate your feet on a table or chair to give a break to his feet.
  • drink, drink, drink plenty of water, juices and other health drinks. There are no hard drinks please. Staying hydrated will ease your nausea, vomiting and flatulence.
  • Pack your lunch with healthy and energetic food. Besides lunch, take some fruit, nuts or cookies to cut in the middle. Try not to snack on high sugar and low quality food.
  • not fall much tea and coffee as it can cause nausea.
  • continuously Sitting in front of the computer can do harm to your child and can also make you feel exhausted. Therefore, take frequent breaks. Use that time taking deep breaths, walk around or just sit with your eyes closed.
  • If your job requires you to remain standing for hours, give your feet a rest while keeping in some feces. Alternatively change standing at the counter.
  • If possible, try to sleep for 15-20 minutes using their lunch time.
  • Do not overextend itself. Take the help of colleagues in case of any backbreaking work.
  • If your colleagues give special consideration, accept the care of the body, since it is the rare and special time for you. Do not hesitate to accept help.
  • Stay away from smokers in the office, because it is very harmful to you and your baby.

Fighting symptoms : Pregnancy brings a lot of trouble but can not slack off at work. Symptom management easily and without guilt is the best way out.

  • Keep your dizziness and nausea at bay for snacks frequently in something. If in meetings, sit next to the door for an easy way out of the bathroom. Keep paper towels, tissues and mouthwash with you. Sometimes the smell of tea and coffee also makes you feel nauseous, so spend less time in the cafeteria. Ginger, ginger tea, lemon drop, cardamom or mint are immediate fighters of their morning sickness, the always keep your side.
  • Fighting fatigue is the biggest challenge, because you can not do anything about him, while in the workplace. However, taking a short nap, if possible, during lunch hours. Try a little stretch every hour to relieve pain and stiffness of the body to remain active. Avoid rights advanced time as it can disrupt your sleep. The belt elastic support motherhood to support your abdomen. Also redistribute weight for easy back pain.
  • Pregnancy often makes out and takes his ability to concentrate and remember. To not let it interfere with their job performance, many notes and calendars using email to keep track of appointments and meetings. Try saying no educated with additional functions.

Managing stress : Pregnancy and stress go hand in hand. Despite all its efforts, she is forced to hit and annoys you, sooner or later. It may be due to physical exhaustion, mental thoughts, workload, the relationship with the partner or just hormonal changes. No matter what it is but you need to brush off to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

This is a stress at work, you can ask your employer to reduce any burden, can talk to your friends the workplace who had gone through such situations, or try listening to soft music or watch videos baby development or take a short walk around the campus office during times of rest. This will refill with energy and excitement of off stress.

Besides these, should be regular with yoga, meditation, deep breathing, stretching and walking into your daily routine to minimize stress.

Spread the news : Breaking news in the workplace is a major challenge. As you never know how your employer and other workers will react to these situations. However, you should inform your employer at the right time in five last month before the news gets through the grapevine. You can also make arrangements for their absence. This way you will also have enough time to complete their projects. Moreover, your employer can see in some precautions and safety measures around your work area to provide risk-free environment.

also inform them about their maternity leave plan and ask how you can help make a smooth transition.

Sometimes, reporting at the right time has added advantage because your employer may provide you some relief work. You may very well treated by him and other colleagues. Thus the next coming months continue smoothly during work.

request flexible working: is feasible to work with same efficiency during pregnancy. Therefore, if your current job requires hard work and makes you exhausted, ask your employer for transfer to a less demanding job. Do not hesitate because this option is much better than being unhappy and inefficient.

may also ask you to consider that, part-time, work from home or work in flexible scheduling options.

Tips for managing pregnancy at work

acting professional : Tiredness, lack mentality and daydreaming can make you feel upset with his work. However, try to be as professional as you can during his term.

Thanks to the elegant and comfortable clothes maternity, you need not go very rare and high volume, even in his final weeks. Shopping for a few maternity dresses that give a sleek, professional look that hides all your problems with pregnancy.

Sometimes you want to keep her pregnancy a personal matter; However the time people realize that they want to discuss things, praise or comment about you. However, managing your comments and questions intelligently so that neither spoil your professional image and make them feel upset.

Keep emergency numbers with you : No matter how normal your pregnancy, you should keep all emergency contacts like, other information husband of doctor friends’ and important to you. This will be useful for people around in case of any emergency.

avoid discussion : Often, when problems during pregnancy such as swollen ankles, distended bellies and nausea, frequent vomiting and urination, bothers you, you complain and discuss things with colleagues. However, not all the time, they are happy to listen to the painful stories. No mercy and miserable is provoked. Be strong and not let the employer and colleagues believe their weariness or difficulty are the faults of work.

Be positive : Keeping a positive attitude is the best solution of all problems. Just keep in mind one thing “ everything is fine and everything will be fine too.”


When the plan?

However, you are entitled to one year of maternity leave, but to claim the card, must inform time. If your pregnancy is normal should be informed at least 15 weeks before the due date. You can also ask to submit a maternity certificate confirming her pregnancy and the due date.

To decide when to take maternity leave, it is advisable to discuss the issue with your doctor. There are no legal restrictions on working until the end of the ninth month, if her pregnancy allowed. So, just make sure that you have discussed health and other issues related to your employer and doctor before planning ahead.


After maternity leave, you have the legal right to return to your company without notice. However, if you want to join in time, you must report at least eight weeks before otherwise you may be asked to serve the license first and then rejoining.

Before meeting, make sure you have made all day care for your baby. Develop a habit of being away with your child so that both can be adapted quickly to the work routine.

Know Your Rights:

  • Every woman has the right to work for 26 weeks maternity leave, regardless of how long you’ve been working there. You can also take an additional 26 weeks of maternity leave ie almost a year in total. To qualify for this license, it is necessary to correct and timely notice to your employer.
  • During her maternity leave, to keep all your employment rights wage increase and annual leave.
  • can claim for maternity leave if you are working with the employer for at least 26 weeks.
  • you are legally entitled to paid time off for prenatal appointments no matter how long you are working.
  • In some workplaces, pregnant women are mistreated or discriminated against, as it will be sooner rather than going for maternity leave. However, you need not worry because they can never be fired or laid off in pregnancy, problems related to pregnancy or maternity leave. If this happens, you can fight for it under the right to protection against unfair dismissal.
  • While pregnant or breastfeeding, you can break in case of exhaustion. Moreover, it is the duty of the employer to organize a safe and private place to rest or to express milk.
  • To manage childcare or care for him in sickness, it is allowed a reasonable time.

is very difficult for a woman to manage work and home together, however, note one thing is “YOU” Who has been awarded the incredible power of producing life inside you. This is because God considers you capable and powerful to do the same. Therefore, no doubt his decisions and let things go with the flow. Always remember that stress and worries will not change anything. Therefore, better living for the moment and plan the reception of her little baby.

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