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Behind closed doors: Routine diabetes check-up reveals HIDDEN condition

Channel 5 doctors program: Behind Closed Doors takes viewers into medical practice.

tonight’s episode featured a young woman who had struggled with diabetes for years.

Sarah Richardson came for a checkup with Dr. Jackie Bulger, but the query took a different turn.

Dr. Bulger probed Sarah about your insulin dose in recent times.

Sarah said. “I had one just before coming”

However, observing their daily readings of blood sugar in the blood, Dr . Bulger realized they were incompatible.

Sarah agreed “. It is everywhere yet”

After the doctor asked more details about exactly how much insulin Sarah was taking and how often, the patient made a raw admission.

When speaking of lunch, it was a matter of “if” is going to eat instead of “when”.

Dr. Bulger wondered why she would be missing to your meals.

Sarah confessed: “I’ve gone out of my food for about three months I suffer from depression as well.”.

The doctor in question was asked if Sarah would like talk therapy, but she initially refused.

After some persuasion, Sarah said: “I’m just not motivated or anything It’s nothing in particular I’m sick of it (blood sugar) remains high, but I guess everybody gets tired.. “.

Sarah had experienced hypoglycemic set in March and Dr. Bulger was worried she was not looking after herself.

The doctor explained. “Hypoglycemia is when your drops and people sugar sit on the shaky, unstable blood, often confused

” In its most extreme forms leading to . coma and if untreated, death. “

Dr. Bulger noted that diabetes and depression are linked

She said diabetes:” it is a diagnosis of lifetime and it affects almost every aspect of his life

. “for diabetics, not dietary management is self-harm by negligence


” sometimes really only be not bothered and they are aware that they will then have an impact on your health. “

After the doctor encouraged gently to talk to Sarah a professional counselor, Sarah said she would think about it.

He added, “. I really have nothing to talk about, I’m just sick “

Dr. Bulger compared the link diabetes and depression to a case of the chicken and the egg. I was ready for therapy to deal his depression.

diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate in the UK and today costs the country £ 1 billion each year .

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