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Beauty Tips For Fair Skin to Keep it Healthy

live in a world where light skin is considered the epitome of beauty. Fair, even skin tone is what everyone wants to and tries to achieve with the help of various cosmetic products and home remedies. The variation in skin color between populations is the result of adaptation to different climatic conditions and the amount of ultraviolet radiation in that region.

Melanin is the main determinant of skin color. It occurs in melanocytes located in the skin. Melanin protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Sun exposure causes increased production of melanin thus darkening the skin color. People living in areas with more sunlight tend to be darker and people living in cold regions tend to have a lighter skin tone.

The skin color also depends on other factors such as genetics, age and sex.

  • The skin color of a person depends on the genes inherited from both parents. Albinism is a rare condition in which melanocytes stop producing melanin due to some genetic mutations. These people lack pigmentation in the skin, hair and even eyes.
  • In humans, newborn babies are always pale future regardless of skin color. its original color of the skin is fully achieved only at the age of puberty develop gradually. In addition as they grow more than thirty to forty years, the skin color starts to fade again. This is due to the reduction in melanin production as melanocyte stem cells gradually die with age.
  • Adult females tend to have lighter skin tone compared to their male counterparts. This is because women require more calcium reserves in their skeleton to support during pregnancy and lactation. The absorption of calcium from food, in turn, need adequate amounts of vitamin D, which is naturally available in the sunlight. clearer skin with less melanin to absorb more sunlight is needed. Therefore, women tend to have lighter skin.

skin health:
The skin is the largest organ of our body. It protects our body and its organs external heat, light, dirt and pollution. It also prevents various infections and anti bodies from entering our body.

helps us detect if something is hot or cold, soft or hard. It is therefore very essential to maintain healthy skin. bright and flawless without any marks of tanned skin, burns, acne or pimples reflects a healthy skin. Such skin also appears fair and radiant.

Tips for maintaining white skin

Your skin needs regular care in order to be healthy. Otherwise, you may lose its shine and be darker and dull. beauty tips for clear skin to follow regularly include:

Cleanse, tone and moisturize
You should do this at least twice a day and can not be neglected . To clean, wash your face with clean warm water with a facelift. Hot water opens the pores and clean face wash dirt from his face. Then dry with a clean towel and tone the skin.

A tone, soak a cotton ball in a facial toner and pat in the face with it. Toner removes minerals or chlorine residues that can be added to the skin of the water used for cleaning and also helps in retaining moisture.

to moisturize the skin, take the required amount of moisturizer or lotion and gently massage all over your fingers.

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Protect from sunlight and pollution:

Beauty-tips-for-fair-skin-Protect-from-sun-rays-and-pollution is always useful to prepare before going out in the sun. Application of sunscreens can prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. That covers the face and other body parts is also essential. This helps protect the skin against harmful not only sunlight but also heavy pollution in the atmosphere. These measures help prevent sunburn, sunburn and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Exfoliate regularly:
Exfoliation is nothing more than get rid of dead skin cells and dirt on the skin, helping to regenerate. This can be done two or three times a week in order to maintain healthy skin throughout the body. Exfoliation can be done using different scrubs available in the market, but it is highly recommended that you use a homemade cloth. Sugar, oatmeal and cornmeal are some of the ingredients that are commonly used in a scrub home.

Fairness creams:


fairness creams for both men and women have become very popular in the market. The companies that manufacture these creams claim to have no side effects but have very harmful effects on the skin in the long run. Some of the side effects of using these products equity are:

Hazardous chemicals:
fairness creams are loaded with harmful chemicals that damage the skin when used for a long time frame. Most of them contain mercury, which is highly dangerous. They are full of vitamins to help nourish the skin that can contaminate and make sensitive skin. Some creams contain steroids that are very harmful, bot only skin, but also for the body.

temporary results:
Fairness creams available on the market work by reducing the production of melanin in the skin. Some also have bleaching agents that make skin fairer. But when their use is discontinued, its effects are reversed back and the skin returns to its original color. Therefore, it tends to be used continuously, which increases our skin problems.

More skin damage:

  • More than lighten the skin tone, fairness creams damage the skin and create new problems.
  • Prolonged use of these creams causes the layers of skin thinner thus making them more sensitive and prone to damage. This causes burning and itching when exposed to sun and heat.
  • These creams get lodged in the pores of the skin and block them, thus increasing the appearance of acne and pimples.
  • The reduced production of melanin causes sunburn and increases the risk of cancer.
  • Bleaching agents in these creams can cause white spots on the skin.
  • Steroid creams can increase pigmentation and make darker skin.

Therefore, it is always advisable to opt for natural ways to achieve a fairer skin appearance, rather than the use of harmful creams equity. We have some easy tips for clear skin beauty mentioned below:


Beauty Tips for white skin

1. Powdered milk milk mixed with lemon juice and honey can be applied on the face and left for ten to fifteen minutes dust. This helps reduce pigmentation and makes the skin glow.

2. Oats: oatmeal mask does wonders when used regularly. Oats should be soaked in water overnight and ground into a paste. This paste should be mixed with curd tart and applied as a package in the face. This package helps in the recovery of lighter skin and reduces dark spots.

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3. Potato: potato has bleaching properties and gives a polished sheen when used on the face. Any potato juice or potato pulp can be applied on the face for good results.

4. Turmeric: turmeric in combination with tomato juice or lemon juice has high bleaching properties. Tomato juice helps eliminate sun tans and lemon juice is known to have astringent properties. Turmeric is a great antiseptic and gives the skin a beautiful glow.

5. Almonds: almonds function as a great exfoliant. Four to five almonds should be soaked overnight and becomes a paste. This paste can be mixed with a small amount of butter or butter milk and used as a scrub on the face. Slightly warm, sweet almond oil can also be used to massage regularly.

This improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the skin. almond packages make smoother the skin, helps in removing dead skin cells and improve skin tone for a period of time.

6. chickpea flour: chickpea flour skin is in use for centuries. Make a paste of chickpea flour with butter milk or raw milk and apply as a package. Leave on for fifteen to twenty minutes before washing with cold water. This makes radiant skin and improves skin tone when used regularly.

7. Mint leaves: Mint leaves have astringent properties that has a purifying and refreshing effect on the skin. A mask with crushed fresh mint leaves can be applied on the face. This will act against tanning and sunburn, tighten the skin pores and give a sense of calm. You can also relieve irritated skin.

8. Banana: yellow ripe banana mixed with honey and a little sour curd can be used as a facial mask too. This has been shown to improve skin tone. It also works great on the skin with suntan lotion and glow to the skin.

9. sandalwood: Chandan or sandalwood powder can be made into a paste with water and applied to the skin to make it fairer and to add a glow

Multani Mitti 10. Multani Mitti, Gopi Chandan or fullers earth does wonders for your skin. Multani Mitti cleanses the skin from oil and dirt, kills harmful bacteria on the skin and gives a cooling effect.

It has been in use for generations because of its high mineral content. This makes the skin look radiant and improves tone when used with tomato juice, lemon juice, milk and honey.

These are traditional and effective beauty tips for clear skin. Apart from these, coconut water, rose water, olive oil, cucumber juice, egg white and orange peel can also be used to achieve a fairer skin. All these ingredients can be used individually or in combination with each other. You can experiment with all the options and find out which of these beauty tips for clear skin that works best for you.

However, including nutritious foods in the diet and getting enough sleep are also required to have and maintain a healthy and glowing skin. Always drink plenty of water helps keep skin hydrated and radiant skin.

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