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BE CAREFUL: Top 5 Health Problems Associated With Air Conditioning!

On hot summer days when temperatures are extremely high is nothing we like more than the air cool the inflamed right? But regardless of its power relief heating, air conditioning may not be the best choice for your health when it comes to cooling.

These are the five health problems arising from the use of air conditioners:

1. Sickness and constant tiredness

Shaking your territory working in the middle of the summer? This could be the driving inspiration why they are so exhausted. Research exhibitions that people working in chilled circumstances may experience brain endless agonies and exhaustion. People who work in structures that are constantly being pumped stacked with cold air may experience irritation of other films implacable mucous and unwound. This leaves people exposed against colds, flu and various diseases.

2.dry SKIN

The long hours in air-conditioned environments can cause the skin to lose moisture; if not, do something about skin hydration, you may begin to suffer from dry skin.

3. Add impact of chronic disease

central ventilation systems can grow the impact of a disease that can from now on be persistent. Ventilation is well known for the extent of the reactions of low heartbeat, joints and neuritis torment …


4. Inability to cope with the heat

People who put an impressive measure of vitality in a ventilated circumstance are becoming high summer temperatures continuously biased. This is mainly due to the tension in your body to move from a cold place in the hot outdoor air. This heat intolerance can lead to increased heat deaths during heat waves, which are now an average of 400 deaths each summer.

5. Respiratory problems

Despite the way the air in your car can be flawless on the off chance that you are stuck in action on a hot summer day, it is the most repulsive very guilty by circumnavigating meeting minute forms of life and microorganisms that cause respiratory problems. Professionals in Louisiana restorative State Center have discovered eight kinds of mold to be inside 22 of the 25 cars attempt.

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