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BCS Library System wants to get rid of late fees

UNIVERSITY STATION, Tex. (KBTX) – Libraries across the country are eliminating late payment charges, and now the BCS Library System plans to do the same.

It is a trend that is growing throughout the country, and Library Manager Larry J. Ringer, Jessica Jones, has been trying to make the initiative a reality for some time.

Jones said they don't even benefit enough from late payment charges to keep it available. In addition to this, he said they don't like to tell people who have late fees that they could restrict entry to the library.

"It's easier to maintain positive relationships if we're not always asking people for something," Jones said.

In the library, when fines accumulate at more than $ 20, users can no longer take out books.

The mother and patron of the library, Gia Haque, loves the idea.

"It would be a book you lost, and you would be so ashamed," Haque said. "Like my God, I don't know how much money I have accumulated."

Haque said this could also be beneficial for her.

“I know when I get books, especially if my daughter loves them; I want to keep them for a longer period of time, "said Haque.

Jones wants everyone to enjoy the library and all its advantages.

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"Another thing we found is that the people who have late fines and can't pay them are the people who need the library most," Jones said.

Jones said the Library Advisory Board approved the initiative, and now they expect the city council to approve it.

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