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Baking Soda for Heartburn Treatments, It’s Simple and Effective!

Bicarbonate sodium for heartburn – heartburn can be a big problem for many people. Some of you might also ever experience this type of stomach problems. When you think your stomach is sensitive and is easy to feel hot because of the food consumed, you may have a problem with heartburn.
Actually, when you feel the burning sensation in the area of ​​the sternum, which is not a dangerous thing. However, it could be a big problem when you feel the burning sensation that regularly. For you who have a problem with this type of burning, it can be treated with sodium bicarbonate.
How can sodium bicarbonate becomes the treatment of heartburn? Baking soda for heartburn is very useful for you to have heartburn problem, as there are some benefits given by the consumption of sodium bicarbonate treatment. You may know that baking soda is usually used to make any cakes cakes.

Baking Soda for Heartburn Treatments

You can get some benefits such as problem solving for stomach acid. Sodium bicarbonate may be the stomach acid neutralizer that become heartburn. Besides that, baking soda can also function as the antacid. You have to know that the content of sodium bicarbonate and prevents stomach acid into the esophagus that can return and become the burning sensation.
In addition, sodium bicarbonate can cause the balance of the pH level. The balance pH level can reduce any content of acid in the stomach that may be the cause of your heartburn. So how use baking soda for heartburn?
Actually, it is a very easy thing to do since you can only use baking soda with lemon juice, honey, etc., in treating his problem with heartburn. For example, the first thing you can do is use your baking soda with water to treat the problem of heartburn.
You can put 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 cup water. So you have to stir up until it is well mixed. You can not eat three times a day and you can not consume more than a week. Another thing you can do is to use baking soda for heartburn and lemon juice too. The composition is a baking soda and half a few drops of lemon juice.

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baking soda for heartburn

Do not forget to put in a half cup of warm water. You can drink ingredients to help release their sense of heartburn. You can also mix baking soda with cream of tartar. The role of tartar is like acid neutralizer stomach. You can actually treat your heartburn.
The other solution for you is that you can use baking soda and ginger to treat heartburn. The combination is about half a teaspoon of baking soda, a half teaspoon of grated ginger and a cup of warm water.
Then, the last is that you can combine baking soda and cold milk in a combination. about 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of cold milk is needed. It may be another form of sodium bicarbonate for treating heartburn for you.

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