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Bahr: How to get rid of writer's block


Columnist Connor Bahr believes that writer's block is one of the worst things a writer can endure. Bahr writes about many ways to relieve writer's block and argues that the solution differs from one writer to another.

I admit it. I have no idea what to write. I sit here, looking at the small line that my cursor represents blinking, but my mind remains blank. As time progresses, I feel that I have stayed in a place, unable to think.

The term "writer's block" was coined when a poet from England described it as "indefinite and indescribable terror".

The French took this term and, fashionably, formed it to mean that the tortured writer cannot write without terror and pain. There are many types of writer block. Not being able to come up with a viable idea is the most common type.

The writer's block can hit a poor soul at any time during his writing. He could have a summary idea, but he can't understand a part of it or maybe he's in the first half, but he can't accept the rest of the plot. Maybe you're almost at the end and you realize that what you've been writing really isn't that good, but you can't find a way to fix it. Finally, he could have completely finished his work, but he is petrified about what people might think, so he buries it.

Fortunately, a quick search through Google shows that a large number of self-help blogs have found answers to the writer's block. According to those blogs, the main way to cure the writer's block is to simply try to write anything. Ironically, that is exactly what this column is. Wiki-how (and his wonderfully useful images) says that you must make time for your writing and develop it little by little. A Quora user He says that the best way to start is to write on a piece of paper to minimize distractions.

However, I don't think there is a single way to get rid of the writer's block. I think that the writer's block is a unique situation in which each person's problem is different and so are their solutions. Perhaps the best way for someone to overcome their writer's block is to go out and take a break, while someone who does so will only get distracted and waste time. For me, personally, I think a good combination of scrolling through Twitter for a few minutes and writing about anything can usually shake some brilliant ideas on the page.

The writer's block is one of the worst things that can happen to a writer. It is infinitely frustrating to be sitting in front of a computer, deciding what to write and not having words to put on the screen. But it is a problem that every writer will have to deal with, and although there are endless ways to get rid of him, each person will have to find the way that works best for them.

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